How To Teach A Dog

It is a dog that wins a puppy. It is necessary to ensure that it is necessary to ensure that it can be used. This command refers to the basic skills course. It is not necessary to say that it’s not a problem. for your nerves. It is a dog who is not trained in […]

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

Accessories – equipment for training, sports and outdoor activities with a dog Made of steel length. 12 cm is mainly used for a leash, a sliding coupling can be used. Material: aviation aluminum length 78 mm color. coal A friend of mine. rottweiler About accessories for collars and leashes In the case of a rottweiler, […]

Teach Your Puppy Leash Detailed Instructions

It is not a problem. Collar, baby masters Teach your puppy collar Most often, at this stage there are no problems. This is a newborn puppies. Older bud, thread collar. The kid carries his property with dignity, because the collar does not cause inconvenience. Important! Do not use harness! Loose bones of the chest and […]

Wean The Dog Pull The Leash!

Good day, dear readers of the site! In this article, I’m not too worried about it. The team "next". If you’re shouting all over the street, “ but what’s what you’re like? ”. absolutely do not want. I need to teach you a dog and a leash. At this moment, you can read here. This […]

How To Teach You A Dog

Dog There is no single answer. The length of the leash should be from 1.5 to 30 m. Lead patterns are tailored to make it possible to make it easy to make it. The length of the short leash should not exceed 1.5 m. It is better to choose a dog with a ring for […]

Dog Leash Training, How To Teach

How to teach a dog to walk without a leash? It is not a problem. If you want to go away, you can go for a while? Importance of freedom It’s important that it’s important to keep you up to speed on your daily life. It is not a problem. In addition, it will be […]

Teach The Dog To The Leash

Dogs need to be taught to walk on a leash. In the end, they are born, not knowing that they should not be dragged or dragged behind. Sometimes it is very difficult, especially because it is usually very excited. How dogs can be determined; others stop, sniff If you are going to be a leash, […]

Winking With A Dog

Antoine Najaryan, a canine, a zoopsychologist, a specialist in the correction of dog behavior, developed a model of the original leash. It is a combined and strict collar. Thanks to his invention, many aggressive animals. Advantages and disadvantages 3 meter long nylon cord. Both ends of the ring are soldered. The wrist band is worn. […]

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