Accessories For Collars And Leashes

Accessories – equipment for training, sports and outdoor activities with a dog

Made of steel length. 12 cm is mainly used for a leash, a sliding coupling can be used.

Material: aviation aluminum length 78 mm color. coal

A friend of mine. rottweiler About accessories for collars and leashes

In the case of a rottweiler, it is worth it.

The dog has been able to get in touch with each other.

1) collar. In addition to the collar material itself, the collar is very critical.

Buckle is desirable to choose a double.

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

This will be the first strap of the strap, and the second stitch of the collar strap will jerking the dog.

The second, and probably the most important element of the collar is the connecting ring. It can simply be bent into it.

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

It is clearly visible. It is quite easy to do if it can be equipped with a semi-ring. How to avoid trouble? In the first case, at the minimum, choose the brand name of the famous brands, try to get a ring from the sellers. Although it will not be possible to change the collar … I would recommend from 3.5 – 4 mm. In the second case, make sure that the ring is welded.

The next “narrow” place is a carbine on the leash that connects the leash and collar.

The most common rifle used on leashes has two functions:

There is a connection between the device and the network.

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

If you want to use it, you can use it.

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

For me, I’m not sure, I’m not willing to use my car, but I don’t need it. As a rule, it is equipped with a welded connecting ring. One of the most important aspects of the two systems is that of two solutions. At the crucial moment, one of the devices can fail. If you are in trouble, you will be able to protect yourself.

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Accessories For Collars And Leashes

They are not able to give you huge loads, especially in the two lower versions.

In order to avoid making it necessary for you to install the battery in the ammunition, you must use a swivel. Swivels can be non-separable and collapsible.

Why do I need it in such detail? It is easy to do. For example, here is one of the options for an industrial leash:

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

It uses a carabiner and one-piece swivel. It is a reversal of the fittings that you can use.

The next, and probably the last "critical"

As a rule, it is holnitenov.

Depending on the purpose, it can be different diameters, different designs. Installed using a special press. It is not necessary to make sure that it has been made. the threads of the material is inevitably broken). Pic 1

Accessories For Collars And Leashes

If you’re looking at it, you can’t take it for granted. material (Figure 3)

On this, perhaps, for the Rottweiler can be considered complete. You must be able to make the right choice, and ensure that you have the right choice.

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