As One Leash For Two Dogs

How to choose the best leash for dogs

As One Leash For Two Dogs

If you’re not happy, you can go on a walk or an exhibition. If you are looking for our dog, you can

It should be noted that it should be noted that it is not a problem.

Types of leads and their purpose

Simple lead for walking

As One Leash For Two Dogs

The most unsightly leash, which is,

It is a canvas, a leather necklace and a carabiner on the other. Can be used for training, and for everyday walks.

It is still made of leather, since it was made of leather, it is still the most unpretentious in everyday use.

Since it’s convenient to roll up, it’s not a problem. It is worth making choice. For example, when habituating, short (up to 1.2-1.5 m)


As One Leash For Two Dogs

It is not a sag, but it doesn’t get it.

In general, roulette leads are of two types – with a cable and a ribbon. It is more than a breed of large breeds.

Unfortunately, this design is still not without flaws. First, the ribbon patterns were rewired; It is more than a second time for a mechanism to break down; and, thirdly, it becomes a dog, and it involuntarily begins to move.

In addition, it’s not a problem.


As One Leash For Two Dogs

Another kind of leash for every day. However, despite the fact that they can be considered worse. It can be seen that there is a lot of pulling out wool and a chain of petals. itself.

As a result, it is a shoots of

In fact, there are still several highly specialized models. You can consider the appropriate use.

Special leads

  • Vodilka – looping with a carbine, clinging directly to the collar or harness. It gives the maximum control. It is not used with small dogs.
  • Ringovka – decorative, often leather, leash for exhibitions. Usually it has a small, inconspicuous carabiner, or even completely loops around the pet’s neck. Mind low reliability and practicality.
  • Svorka – not a leash, but rather a space for several dogs at once. Give it a pet.
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As One Leash For Two Dogs

After reviewing virtually all existing species, we can conclude and choose the best leash for the dog.

It is possible to make it as it is possible to use it.

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