How To Choose A Dog

Rain or wet grass. It is not a good idea to go for a pet. In such a situation, This device is well suited. Types and principle of action The tape measure is made up of a leash. Fix the cable. It is fastened to the dog’s collar. The cable is able to follow the […]

Tape For Dogs

Disadvantages of use When you’re using this accessory, The main problem is trauma. If you want to use it, it can be used to get skin burns (especially for fingers, legs), deep cuts (it can be used). cord amputates fingers), bruises from the impact of a carbine. It is a fact that it can cause […]

How To Teach An Adult Dog To Leash

If you’ve picked up a street dog, do not rush to begin to train it. First of all, you need to understand the animal. Take care of your new friend’s health. After all, you’re surely wandering around your dog’s body. Take it to the clinic for examination and testing. In addition, stray dogs are usually […]

Dog Collar And Muzzle

It can be seen that despite the fact that it is a breeding dog, it can be seen. In most institutions, public transport, etc. Allowed to carry dogs only in a muzzle and on a leash. After all, if you are a definitive opponent of muzzles and leashes, you can simply skip this article. Our […]

How To Teach A Puppy

How to teach a dog? There is a lot of things that you can write about. Trainers hide their secrets. Let’s try to give some tips. Here is a two-month puppy. He is playful, carefree and defenseless. a sort of fool jumper. Listen to its owners. this fold beauty has already crept into their hearts. […]

How To Choose The Leads For Dogs

Antivispensable attribute of keeping you in the city and indispensable in rural areas. It is not a functional thing, it is not a functional thing. Weight loss, height, height, height. You can choose from your choice of your choice. Abroad jerk of an animal. Also, the belts or chains should not interfere with the movements […]

How To Choose A Collar And Leash For Dogs

For your pet should be treated carefully. It depends on their convenience. If you choose a dog, you’ll choose To all these accessories, the dog must be taught. How to choose a collar? It is very important to learn how to dog collar and leash. Best fit, reliable, durable leather collars. Ideally, the collar consists […]

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