Properly Wear A Dog Leash

How to put on a dog? If you want to go harmony on a dog. It’s not so hard to do. You need to follow the recommendations below. How to put on a dog in 5 minutes If your dog has a sharp temper, then you need to capture her waist between your knees. At […]

All About Dog Leashes

There is a link between the pet dog and the owner. You will be able to help you choose your dog. What are the leads? Teach to the leash How to wean off Lead do it yourself Tools and materials Video "choose a reason for a pet" Comments and reviews What are the leads? You […]

How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

The dog should be accustomed to dressing and removing this accessory. These skills are especially important for large breeds. Why should a dog leash The dog has been regulated by law. So, it is additionally necessary to complete the game. If you are a pet Be sure to keep your dog and you pass through […]

How To Teach A Puppy

The puppy is accustomed to the collar. Wearing a collar when he plays with your observation. And give a treat. Gradually add time to wear a collar. It seems unusual to even be wearing it. However, over time, she gets used to it. Of course, the collar should not be made of hard or uncomfortable […]

How To Wean The Dog

It has been written that it is a question. In the literature, unfortunately, trainers are faithful to keep their secrets. It is a puppy. Here we have a two-month puppy, shameless and defenseless. For him, he has already crept into their hearts. It was a problem, it was a problem, it was a problem, it […]


It’s not a problem. If you are on the road, you’ll be accustomed to the accident. There is a knowledge of how to coaching, a competent approach and a competent approach. Read in this article. From dog to dog He strongly recommends that he strongly recommends that he be accustomed to the collar or harness. […]

How To Teach A Dog

How to teach a dog to the collar At first, the dog is trained to the collar. Calls the dog, shows the collar and gives it a sniff. Stroking a dog, he imperceptibly After 3-5 minutes, the dog is encouraged by stroking and dainty. The dog is in the collar. It is not tightly wrinkled […]

8 Reasons For Breeding Dogs

It is a very popular way to travel. However, such freedom is often worth dogs health and even life. Below are the main reason for dogs of miniature breeds. 1.Dogs of cars most often die on the wheels of cars. The distance between the road and the roadway is 8-10 meters. This button is not […]

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