Dog On A Leash

08/04/2018 It is quite difficult. It is a huge amount of subtleties. For example, there are many novice dog owners who are interested in the animal? Will give a detailed answer. Why not walk the dog freely? Some readers may argue: their dog is obedient, so there is no need for a leash. However, this […]

Teach Puppy To Leash And Walks

You can’t start working at obedience at home while the puppy is in quarantine.For the training of the puppy, it’s a good deal of positive reinforcement and negative punishment. It is a rule that you can make it easier for you, for a voice tag (for example, yes or eu), followed by a snack. The […]

How To Choose A Dog

In order to find the right leash. Walking is the happiest time for a dog. This is a long-awaited enough and run over. However, some things can be a cloud for the dog owner. You can follow the simple rules. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to restrain his impulses. It is necessary to choose a […]

How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash

Each dog, regardless of origin, has a number of bad habits, due not only to innate instincts, but also to physiological needs. One of these habits, not pleasing the owner of a four-legged friend, is the damage to various objects (from slippers to antique furniture) by means of sharp teeth. One of the most accessible […]

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

The leash is necessary for dogs of different breeds. It is a dog that makes it a bit different. You need to decide on your dog type. Purpose and types of leads for dogs The reasons why dog ​​breeders use a leash: Walking fighting dogs, which are special ammunition; Walking a pet who reacts restlessly […]

Leash For Small Dogs How To Wear

Choke collar for dogs is required when training. When the dog’s behavior is adjusted. The desired result will be obtained only if the accessory is correct. Learn how to use the collar noose. For large breeds, other important information. Choke collar for dogs – when used Strangles are used on themselves. It is a mistake […]

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