How To Teach A Dog

It is not a problem. If you want to go away, you can go for a while? Importance of freedom It’s important that it’s important to keep you up to speed on your daily life. It is not a problem. In addition, it will be extremely important in the apartment. Furniture, objects, loud barking for […]

Leads And Ringings How To Dress A Dog

Probably, you have to have a show of clothing. These are the leads and collars used in the exhibition, which are different from everyday ones. In a conversation with experienced exhibitors you may have heard. but no, you still hear. unfamiliar words "ringovka", "choke collar", etc. It is easy to understand how to use it. […]

Repair Of Dog Roulette Leash

AT In this case, repair after a cliff. We have such roulettes (flexi) are very common and probably many dogs often gnaw the leash (or, like me. Breakage after hitting the bike). This figure is worth about 700 rubles, so it’s cheaper to just fix it. Moreover, it is not difficult if you understand. 1. […]

Leash For Dog

Walking the dog, It is a lot of pleasure. But it’s not possible to take care of it, but it’s not necessary to take care of it. Zoo market is a variety of materials from a variety of materials. In order not to get rid of it, let’s understand it. The most popular, affordable and […]

Roulette For Dogs Flexi (Germany)

For dogs flexi (Germany). Roulette leads flexi – freedom, control, reliability. Flexi – It is a dog that cann’t want to Company flexiIt is a fungus. Basic principles flexi: Up to 8 meters in length is unwound and unrolled without sagging. Leash flexi provides each dog freedom movements, your four-legged friend. Pet control. Cable chain […]

What Is The Dog Guide For?

For dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs, dogs … "guide". However, there are breeds of dogs – guide dogs, hands, their hands, understand him. half-vista, protect him from external dangers and be real "Guardian angels". Guide dog: why you need and features of the application Such pets are […]

How To Teach A Puppy To Walk On A Leash

If you want to work with your puppy. Do not pull forward or backward, D. – It is a play. Difficulty: moderately easy. You will need: – free time; – patience; – long leash; – leash of normal size; – shortened leash or loop; – short rope, knitted tape (or anything else soft, which will […]

We Train The Dog Team

It has been trained that it must be carried out. It is easy to cope with it. It is not necessary to complete the following tricks. Ideally, it will be effective as it is with its pet. How to teach you a dog? Fundamental rules You must choose the right place. This should be a […]

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