Chest Leash For Dogs How To Wear

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Leads and ringovki. How to dress a dog

You’ll have to have a special “show” clothing. These are the leads and collars used in the exhibition, which are different from everyday ones. You can still hear the words “ringovka”, “choke collar”, etc. are unfamiliar. It is easy to understand how to use it.

Leather loop – it is both a leash and a collar in one “face”. Made from soft leather or fabric, this leash is perfect for training puppies, shy or inexperienced dogs. The collar doesn’t have to be retainer. When the dog is relaxed

Minuses: such ringovki often too thick. The dog gets her hair on the neckline, this is the photo below.

Ringovka – nylon leash, in line, with a loop The most common type of exhibition ammunition. At any exhibition, lead-ringovki sold in a huge range: different colors and thicknesses. Of inconvenience I can note the low "maneuverability" of the collar: loosen or tighten the loop. It is not always necessary to make it so that you can wear it. The ringovka pressure on the neck is always the same.

Chain. A thin chain loop, which can be fastened (with a carabiner) or a ring is attached. I consider the most convenient collar for exhibitions. It can be quickly raised to the shoulders. If necessary, the chain is easily weakened or stretched. If the dog pulls, the chain rather tightly presses on the neck, resulting in a feeling of the most obstinate. The only thing inconvenience – pick up to the chain. In accordance with the concept of aesthetics, it is possible, literally several mm wide. These leads, in most cases, are very small fragile carbines. Often, chains are tied to chains, which also doesn’t look very smooth. I have at home …

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Chain with leash, to nylon leash (similar to a ringovka) has already been attached to the factory. Thus, the chain smoothly turns into a leash lace. The leash itself is a length of about 50 cm, for a comfortable ringovka. It wasn’t the end of the world. of this idea. It is a design yourself, making a ring for a thin chain.

I will not consider inappropriate leashes and collars. According to the rules of the RKF, it is forbidden to come in. It is highly undesirable to wear it.

Such collars should not be used …

A separate moment: how to wear a chain. It is a very convenient way to make it. The dog’s cheek. The dog is not in the cold. In addition, it means that

The head is between the ears and the head. It is a fungus. I would like to give you information about how you can pinch, taking the submission position. In addition, the handlers often do not need to go forward. Below we have tried to illustrate it. Here is the same dog.

Bridal necklace and necklace. The leash is strictly perpendicular to the ground.

But it doesn’t seem to seem too much. The dog bowed his head and looked somewhat depressed. Handler does not notice that pulling

Experienced handlers often love their hands and feet. "Free rack", without adjusting the leash. It is a very beautiful show for women. Some handlers like to “play in public,” thus, It should be noted.

Chest Leash For Dogs How To Wear

The ends of the ringovka dangle right behind the dog’s face. For the long time in the leash. In addition, the leash is too long

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Chest Leash For Dogs How To Wear

The ringovka is dressed in the handler’s hand. there is the impression that the leash is missing altogether. It’s easy to adjust the fist.

The ring collar is visually shortening it. The picture becomes very unsightly.

The collar chain is high and is located right behind the ears. The chains are almost invisible. It seems to be a dog

The neckline is “cut”, it’s pulling out the dog’s neckline. the eye

The same dog a few seconds later. The neckline is perfectly visible. The dog is well worth the free rack. "Ugliness" of the leash

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