Choosing A Leash For Dogs

The daily life of the pet. If you are a dog After all, sometimes it happens on passersby. That is why the pet must walk on a leash. Choosing a dog

Leather leash

Enough quality leash that is hard to break. Because it is very reliable. The choice of leather leashes is quite wide. You can pick up a braided accessory, a decorative trim. This can help you adjust the distance. Leather leash

Choosing A Leash For Dogs

Synthetic leash

This leash is very durable and reliable. To care for him is quite simple. It is enough to wash it using powder. The length of it is controlled very simply. But it is very important that he doesn’t slip in his hand.

Tarpaulin lead

The leash differs in reliability and low cost. He’s pretty tough. It doesn’t collapse under moisture influence. If your dog likes to gnaw his teeth during the game. The length of the tarpaulin leads can vary between 1-5 m.

Choosing A Leash For Dogs

Lead roulette

It is convenient to use it in public places. Ideal roulette for walking poorly trained animals. Its maximum length is 5 m. The tape measure is automatically twisted. This leash is very well suited for dogs of small breeds. It is rather difficult to keep a dog on such a leash.

Chain leash

It is a leather chain attached to it. At the end of the chain there is a carbine with which it is fastened to the collar. Leash-chain suitable for walking large dogs. At the same time, they should not be quite obedient. Otherwise, you grab the chain, which is not very convenient.

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This design will be needed by the owners, who bring up some pets at once. Dogs can be tacked to one common leash. These leashes are good if they are well educated and obedient. Otherwise, they will simply confuse the owner in such a mess.


This design can be of two types. Riding the dog pulling the sled. A walking harness is worn on older pets or puppies. The harness is a design that is put on the dog. When choosing the belts and buckles It should not be stuck into the body of the pet.

It is worthwhile to choose the defects. Be sure to check the quality of the metal, the serviceability of the carbine. Having chosen a leash, you can go for a walk with your pet.

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