Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

Dog breeders. It is always necessary to keep it in the field of view. On such walks, there is a lead-roulette for dogs of various sizes and various manufacturers, such as flexi, etc. Try it and see for yourself.

Device functions

There are a number of functions that you can use.

The dog wins the dog in the least following following possibilities:

  1. It is a state of light tension, not sagging or tangling in a dog. It makes it impossible to keep the wind.
  2. If you are not in use, it’s not a problem. Braking is not included below it. If necessary, you can stop the movement of animals in an objectiveable direction. And, having been redirected to the pet, immediately give freedom to the brake.
  3. He uses the tape meter for a long time. It will be necessary to fix the car key. The blocking mechanism doesn’t have failures.
  4. Dog breeders will choose what is best. There is a blocking function for returning the dog. All products manufacturers have a similar opportunity. To use it the stop key down.

You can continue the walk. This is a separate key.

Variety of models and manufacturers

Before describing the sixth famous famous manufacturers. They have been consistently in the CIS market, but they have been improved in quality, ergonomics and layout – you have to choose.

Here are their brand names:


Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

German manufacturer identified with quality products. However, his most expensive. They are considered a list of options. Design can not be denied in innovation, materials – in quality, and execution – in the definition of German fit.

Enough ergonomic for comfortable hold. Easily transformed into a compact version before packing into a bag. If you are a dog of your own kind, it’s made up of

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Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

All the same. However, there is one indisputable advantage – an affordable price. This circumstance has made it possible for the countries of the 90 countries. Not for nothing, deutsche standards (“German standards”) six years ago assigned the company to the title “Mark of the Century”.

The only misfortune of pursuing a brand of thighs in China and the third world countries. It is better to overpay, but choose a quality product.


Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

A manufacturer that makes it as well as flexi. However, in our market has been established a powerful product for large dogs. If your pet reaches the weight of 50 kg.

Roulette cable has a length of 8-10 m and is up to 60 kg for a dog weight. If you’re not sure, you can’t make a decision on how to make a difference. For ferplast leashes are far from democratic.


Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

The Belgian manufacturer, which proved to be very expensive. However, we must pay tribute to the quality of its products. As elsewhere, sometimes there is a small marriage, but this is extremely rare.


Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

In Britain, France and France is served. A wide range is exported to 60 countries. Designers and experts of the company are in search of, working with flexi.


Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

German manufacturer. The overall quality is high, but not overshadowed by products manufactured by flexi or similar. The same cannot be said about the sales value. Price range of 1500-2000 rubles. Able to scare away some buyers. Apparently extensive advertising costs pricing to the manufacturer.

The listed manufacturing companies are well known. It is not excluded. For their consumer, the product is the criterion of the product.

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Design and principle of operation

Roulette leads can be divided into three types of design solutions:

  • Cable – used nylon cord of circular cross section;

Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

  • Belt – nylon tape flat section;

Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

  • It is a combination of a dog for a dog collar. The tape doesn’t retract into the roulette.

Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

Regardless of the manufacturer of the lead-tape measure remains fundamentally unchanged. It consists of a spring device is mounted. It is filled with a tape. The larger the diameter of the wheel, it can accommodate. The cable is unwound when it comes to the reel reels.

Measure is equipped with a reel brake key. By pushing your thumb you can stop its rotation. Removing a finger – return freedom to the device. For a long-term fixation of a leash, a lock button is provided. Some manufacturers equip their roulette with a double action key. It is enough to fix it

In the case of the palm of your hand, it’s a loop. If necessary, two hands free.

Recommendations for choosing:

Naturally, choosing a dog for the dog, guided by the size of your pet. For which they are designed.

Marking, to allocate sizes, indicated by the following marking:

  • Giant – for large individuals reaching 60 kg or more;
  • Larg – for large breeds – 25–50 kg;
  • Medium – for medium-sized animals – 10–25 kg;
  • Small – for small dogs – up to 10 kg;
  • Mini – for the smallest and dwarf pets.

In addition, the lead-roulette can be divided into

  • “Comfort” – standard series, affordable price – up to 600 r .;
  • "Design" – comfortable, colorful – up to 700 p.;
  • "Lady" – bright colors, design – up to 1300 p.;
  • “Gentleman” – male pets, restrained style – up to 1300 p.;
  • "Glamor" – exclusive, decorated with rhinestones, handmade – up to 7 thousand R .;
  • "Luxury" – an exclusive, noble hand-made leather – up to 10 thousand R .;
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Do not forget to take care of the leash. In the proposed options, it is: 3, 5, 8 and 10 m. It is desirable that the leash-roulette had some margin of safety. With a dog weighing more than 20 kg, it is better to buy a 30-pound dog. Obviously, your purchase of life.

It is recommended that you choose a small dog. In the palm of your hand. A similar option is common on products from flexi. Choose the 5-meter length of the leash-roulette.

In the 3-meter field, it will be uncomfortable for you. It is even dangerous. There is always a car running.

It is rather difficult to control it. Roulettes with a tape are not quite comfortable, because during twisting the tape often bends and can not enter the hole. The most convenient roulette with a cable and a leash.

Choosing A Roulette Leash For A Four-Legged Family Member

Consumer advice when buying:

  1. Do you try to save yourself the size of the dog. Manifestation of not animal animals.
  2. Check the strength of the carbine collar connections. Sharply pull it and “load” with it. It would be a great deal to be safe.
  3. Test the operation of the keys. There is a low-quality assembly. Looping is recommended.

How well you make a purchase However, it will not be superfluous. And you will save time and money.

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In this video you can learn how to choose a dog for your dog (video by the yorkmir).

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