Collar, Leash, Muzzle For Dogs


The cheapest options for leather collars are often made sloppy. Rough, poorly treated edges will be hair on the neck. The same applies to metal heavy collars. A three-ply collar with a durable buckle and a welded ring. It is quite durable and well suited for everyday use.

If the leash ring is located in the middle of the collar It’s so that you can’t choose it.
Do not buy wide collars. They are used for tying, as well as for very large dogs. It is not suitable for everyday use.

Never buy collars with metal decorations (rivets, eyelets, studs)! It is a lot of fun. For the same reason, you shouldn’t have to play with your dog.

Pull chains used for training and training dogs.

Attachment of the vaccine or the collar of the collar is taken.

It can be worn out. At the same time, it is necessary to exclude the possibility of getting rid of it. This usually happens when the dog is moving backwards.

For small dogs and puppies instead of a collar a harness is better suited.


It’s a simple thing to do. There are two lengths of different lengths:

  • Short leash (about two meters)
  • Long leash (about eight meters)
Collar, Leash, Muzzle For Dogs

Materials for a leash can serve as a tarpaulin, synthetic sling, leather. There are commercially lead-chains, which are absolutely not suitable for use. Driving a dog using such a leash is almost impossible. Leather leashes are a decorative object. Skin cracks and breaks. Round leather leashes consist of a core and a braid. Over the course of the journey, it greatly extends the management process. Getting wet, this leash becomes slippery.

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When choosing a canvas leash, pay attention to its width. It can be seen that it can be wetted. In winter, the canvas leash may freeze.

A reasonable option would be to purchase leash of flat synthetic slings.
This is a very strong and durable. Do not buy a hard leash. They can burn their hands. Choose a thick double soft line.

And, of course, any good leash should be stitched from the ring and loop. Well, if, in addition, it will also be riveted. The ring should not be bored at the junction.


Separately, I want to tell you about the use of a leash-roulette. This subject causes ambiguous judgments in professional canine. Opponents claim that it is a bad effect on its obedience. Proponents point out with the right treatment, a tape measure can be very helpful. For example, during estrus,

It is true that it can be attributed to it. It is definitely secured.

I want to offer you a little improvement. Small roulette cord Clips a two-meter, lightweight synthetic leash, which was discussed above. What do we get? If you are driving, you will be able to keep track of your life. left). The “stop” position. You can “walk”, after you’ve reached your place It can be used for training.

Roulettes come in different lengths.


Let me remind you of a city dog ​​or a dog integrated into society. The law requires that the dog, while in public, be sure to be muzzled. And this is absolutely true.

It is not accustomed to go to school. In addition, there is a problem with the skin. But very often it results in the most severe and often fatal diseases.

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It is a fact that it is completely not enough time to do so. Let’s know how to achieve the right muzzle.

This is why it’s necessary to make it possible for the dog to be structured for specific breeds. It is necessary to find out.

Collar, Leash, Muzzle For Dogs

Otherwise, it is a dog that has been threatened with it. In general, dogs tolerate heat much more coldly, so that they don’t prevent the dog from drinking. When rubbing the nose?

As for the structures, there are a lot of them. It should be noted that you should not buy muzzles of steel mesh. They get frost and ice from breathing. The tongue or nose.

Material: Deaf leather muzzles are poorly ventilated. Nylon (made of thick synthetic fabric) can rub nose and lips.

Better to get plastic mesh muzzle. It is easy to breathe.

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