Collars And Leashes

It is a good idea to take care of the animals. Citizens walk not only with dogs, many people take out cats, dogs and cats. It is not clear that it’s not a problem. All this is now sold a great many.


Without a collar or harness in the city can not do. Choose them, focusing on the size, weight and temperament of the animal. It can be different for the dog.

It is a woolen lining. It protects the wool from the metal parts.

For dogs of hard-haired breeds, round collars, skinned with leather, are better suited than others. When buying such, make sure that it is located on the side or outside. Hurt the coat.

It is difficult to cope with it. Of course, the spines should not be sharp. For a calm dog, he is a self-assured owner, and a simple wide leather collar will do. Collars with metal spikes sticking out. They came up with specifically for herding dogs. Thorns protect your neck from four-legged shepherds from wolf teeth.

For dogs of the breed of mastino – napoletn the wide collars, trimmed with long pig bristles, have recently come into fashion. This is a fashionable bristle.

For metal chains with long hair (4-6 cm) chrome links are best suited as collars. When buying such a collar, check it carefully and securely fastened.

It is more convenient to use harness. It is more difficult to escape from them. However, for many large breeds of dogs, harness is better than collars. They are absolutely indispensable for sled dogs and guide dogs.

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Soft leather belt with a soft cloth lining. Clasp should be on top, and it should be leather petal.

It can be secured. There is a connection between the owners and the owners. For lost dog.

Collars And Leashes

The collar is a necessary thing, but in many cases dangerous. For example, it is better to take it off. The dogs were seriously injured and even died. No wonder experienced hunters "in the field" always remove the collar from the dogs.

You need to remove the collar after the walk. At home, the dog must walk "undressed." The collar falls off, is wiped and cut; It is a scandalous tampon, including under a collar.

Leads and Leads

Few of the dog breeders know what a leash. Leash without a carabiner. These leashes were used in the hunt for dogs. One of the rangers leads to the whole pack (if there is one), it is a survivor, if there is one or two dogs Later, it leads to a series of leashes. Swards are uncomfortable. If you have some dogs for a walk, it is better to carry each one on a separate leash.

Many breeders use roulette leads. Weight: No. 1 – for dogs weighing up to 8 kg (No.) 6 – for the strongest and heaviest dogs weighing up to 80–90 kg. Roulettes are from three to ten meters long. But you shouldn’t have to do it.

There is a leather loop at the end. You can only hold on for a dog, you can’t hold it. keep.

If you are not in use, it can be used for training and training sites. They can be held not only by the loop, but also by the middle of the loop. But if such a leash gets wet, it becomes very tough. However, many dog ​​breeders love just such leashes because they are very durable and inexpensive.

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The very best leashes are made of thick, durable leather. For small, light and calm dogs, a “single” leash is sufficient; for large and active dogs, a leash of stitched from two or even three layers of skin is needed. Well-dressed skin will not deteriorate even if wet. On average, a leather leash lasts two to three years.


Choosing a leash, pay attention to the carbine. It should be fastened securely, it has already been selected. The carbines work well with spring clamps and rings. There is a lot of bangers that can easily be broken.

Some lovers sew to the leashes climbing, and even parachute rifles. This is completely unnecessary: ​​the carbine should be compact and light.


A bored dog will be bite without a reason. But, alas, there is no perfection in the world, therefore people are rightfully forced to go in muzzled dogs.

A muzzle for a dog is necessary when visiting a veterinarian. It can be very sensitive to bite even the owner. True, the veterinarians themselves usually prefer a loop of folded bandage to all muzzles.

Constructions muzzles set. From the soft, sewn from narrow strips of skin, a little confusing. If desired, you can wonderfully bite a cat or pick up something from the ground. Much More, from the muzzles, resembling a supermarket in miniature. However, such mesh muzzles are not only metal, but also plastic. It can be frozen. There is no need for any type of skin to wrap around.

We go to the exhibition

Collars And Leashes

"Exhibition" leashes and collars – this is a topic for a separate article. The color of the coat and the size of the dog. Show leashes (ringovki – from the word "ring") is usually done immediately with a collar. It is best to choose the coat color. But there are some tricks. For example, it is a long collar. For some breeds, there are traditional types of rings. So, dogs and Dobermans usually lead at exhibitions, on thin strong chains.

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It is necessary to accustom animals to collars (as well as to harness, leashes and muzzles) from early childhood. This should be done carefully and gradually, using delicacies and “good word”. It is impossible to make it up. The dog with a leash. It is a couple of reasons. This piece of skin.

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