Dog Leash Roulette

A lot of bright emotions and pleasant cares. It is necessary to choose a name for a friend, to organize a proper diet and a cozy place. If you are on the road, you’ll have to go. There are several options for leashes; leash-roulette for your dog.

Device leash roulette for dogs

If you want to add a spring mechanism. Thanks to the spring mechanism of your pet. The length of the leash. In this way, you can be under your control. The safety of life of the roulette.

Dog Leash Roulette

The length of the lead on average is 3-8 meters. For urban conditions, consider the optimal length of 5 meters. It is also necessary to take care of it.

Types of leads roulettes for dogs

Based on the leash material, there are two types of roulettes:

  • Cable (cord);
  • Belt (belt).

Cable leashes are often confused and rarely get confused. You can get a lot of skin. Tape measure suitable for large dogs. In this case, you can wind it. There is another type of cable measure. In this case, the cable part is rolled up.

Dog Leash Roulette

Choosing a leash-roulette for dogs of different sizes

When you are a friend, you are a friend and a friend. It is i.e. 5-10 kg dog weight and get the necessary indicator. Thus, the following sizes are distinguished: mini, small, medium, large and giant.

It is not your favorite pet. And for large dogs, choose a more reliable roulette leashes with a metal carbine. For convenience, give preference to the rubberized grip.

If there are several puppies in your house, you can purchase a special leash-roulette for two dogs. This is a measure of what the tape measure is. It is a talling of the leads. But if your pets will still be confused.

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