Dog Leash Roulette

Dog Leash Roulette

A puppy in the house. Lead roulette If you are a woman, then you will be able to help you. What options are available leashes, and which one is right for your pet? We discuss in detail in our article.

How does the leash roulette for dogs?

At its core, a roulette leash is a perfect version of a regular leash. It has been added that it has been added.

Thus, you can keep yourself under control.

The average length of the leash is 3-8 meters. For walks in the city, it is considered the 5-meter length. It is important to consider the breed, the size of the dog and the conditions of walking.

What are the types of leash-roulette?

Dog Leash Roulette

Depending on the material, the roulettes are usually divided into cable (cord), tape (belt) and cable-tape.

For small pets, it is recommended to choose the cable roulette leads. They are rarely confused and easily fold. The skin of the skin with a sharp collapse.

For roulette leash. It can be twisted by the winding.

Cable tape with tape. It has been used since the cable section of the carabiner has been used.

The nuances of choosing a leash-roulette for dogs

Dog Leash Roulette

If you want to make your choice, it’s not a problem. It is important to take into account the weight of the dog in tension. It is easy to calculate: just add 5-10 kg weight to your four-member weight.

The dog doesn’t accidentally get injured.

It is a tape for women. Lead out of hands.

If you are a pet owner of a dog, you can purchase it.

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This accessory consists of one body and two leads. If you really want to get it, you can’t get tangled.

Professional advice on choosing and using a leash

1. Buy a leash, focusing on the pet. You should not get a leash-roulette for growth.

2. The grip of the leash should not match the size of your palm.

3. Do not wind it on your hand. It is fraught with injuries.

4. Walking along the road, keep your pet on a leash no longer than 2 meters

5. Every day, check your pet’s leash and collar

6. Do not attempt to repair the body.

7. If a child is walking with a pet, make sure he is able to keep him on a leash.

The comfort of your pet. We will help make it maximum.

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