Dog Leash Roulette

Dog Leash Roulette
Dog Leash Roulette

Dog Leash Roulette
Dog Leash Roulette

It is a dog in the world. Run away on the road or even run away in an unknown direction. Therefore, it is easy to learn how to dog. Recently, roulette leads have become very popular. In Europe, they have been used for quite a long time, so that in our country they couldn’t reach their device. But it’s a very popular accessory for breeders.

Roulette lead device

It can be used for cable and belt. Cable-type cable connector Such a braid is not drawn into the leash box. Belt leashes are a braid that is completely drawn into the box.

The body also varies. If the driver has a cable for the driver, he has to the length of the string. The size of the band is the size of the body.

How to choose the lead-roulette

It has been agreed that a dog should be in line with the weight of the dog. The inscription "up to 20 kg" of 20 kg.

It can be used to make it out of the box.

It is not necessary to exceed two meters. If you want to use your dog for a dog, then you can use it.

You mustn’t always get a puppy.

Rules of using a lead roulette

It is a rule of thumb.

You must be able to keep track of your pet.

It is strictly forbidden, since you can hurt your hand very badly.

You should be careful if you can get confused in the branches quite easily. The dog should be accustomed to the usual leash.

The animal should be given a suitable load. If possible, play with him. It is necessary to ensure that it is enough. Tired dog will be more calm and obedient.

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