Dog Leash Roulette

It is comfortable and safe for you. This is where the dog leash comes to the rescue.

The advantages of the lead roulette

When walking in the forest, you should always be prepared for surprises. I couldn’t run away. In this case, you’ll simply slip out of the hand.

  • It is a design that will make it easier to hold it.
  • You will experience discomfort.
  • A two-phase push-button on the body. Leash lengthens or shrinks to the required length.
  • The cable itself is securely attached to the animal with a metal carbine.
  • In this case, it is possible to place it in a loop. In general, it is not unwilling and it eliminates confusion.
Dog Leash Roulette

Which leash is better

Roulette leads are divided into two main types according to their characteristics:

  1. String or cable tape measure. If you want to move away from you, or you want to be curved back. It is flexible and never confused.
  2. Tape measure or belt. The advantages of such a leash in its safety. If your pet is a cat, it’s a different activity. In case of contact with skin, you will get it relaxed. With belt tape measure, it doesn’t threaten you.

In general, roulette leads are very functional and comfortable.

How to choose a leash-roulette

In order to properly choose a lead roulette, you must not only rely on the aesthetic preferences of the owner. It depends on the size, breed and character of your dog. For the following categories:

  • L – large. Designed for dogs of large breeds and large weight categories. Their weight exceeds 45 kg, over 60 cm. Reliable fixation of an animal with a leash-roulette category L you provided.
  • M – average. It is these leashes that are most in demand. The weight does not exceed 25 cm. Spaniels, huskies and chow-chows perfectly fit this weight category.
  • S – small. These roulettes are suitable for babies up to 10 kg. This is a leash.
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There are also leads for giant dogs and dwarfs. Often, the animal indicates the weight of the animal. For breeds of large breeds, and stringed ones – for babies.

Buying a roulette, be sure to test it for strength. It makes it possible to make sure that it is a flareless pattern. Forward and reverse direction. It will be more weighty, but it will be longer.

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