How Does An Automatic Dog Lead

Automatic dog leashes or roulette for quite some time.

"And the dog in the capital barks more centrally." (Stanislav lech’s hedgehogs)

How Does An Automatic Dog Lead

Design features of automatic leads

The dog can be made whole, it can be made whole. Leads-machines are cable and tape type. The masses of the dogs. The total length of the wire is 3 to 10 meters. At the same time it can be adjusted. Spring is not very tight. The body is often plastic. The handle is rubberized to increase durability. In addition, manufacturers offer automatic design and color scheme.

Benefits of using automatic leashes

Obviously, freedom of movement of the dog is relatively unlimited. If you want to follow the dog. Also, the dog does not suffer from partial suffocation from the leash. The advantages of the mechanism itself can be added. There is no need for any further efforts. Unforeseen situations of almost instantly restrict his movement.

Disadvantages of automatic leads

The disadvantages, in the first place, include an increased cost compared to conventional leads. When operating, deficiencies occur quite rarely, but under the circumstances of rather unpleasant consequences. It can be seen that it has been the case that it has lost its name. A long rope or tape can also be caught on the obstacles. If you are playing with dogs, you can wear them. In addition, it is not necessary to get injured, such as cutting hands with a fast moving cable.


It is not a problem. It would be a good idea to make a decision on how to use it.

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