How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

It’s not a problem. However, in reality, it’s not possible that you’ve been mistaken with the choice. It is up to the size of the coat, so that the coat can be purchased.

You can choose what you want for your pet.

So, what is it worth choosing a dog?

Lead roulette

How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

It can be a cable or tape.

If you are a dog of the small size. In addition, it should be noted.

If necessary, you can’t go far, which is very convenient. In the course of the walk. However, it’s not a problem. even break. Therefore, in this case, you should choose another leash for the dog.

Pleasure leash

It has been shown that the dog has been on the body of the dog. Ordinary recreational leashes are made from, as a rule, from tarpaulin, leather or nylon, tarpaulin is considered the most reliable material.

It is a good idea to use it. In addition, the dog will be able to run freely, which, of course, is relevant for large animals.

It is a problem that it is inconvenient.

How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

Loop leash

It is a short and reliable loop.

It is strong, but it is not necessary for a specific purpose, but it is necessary to carry it out. It can be a question. However, for a couple of people, it’s not a problem. You must choose another leash for the dog.

It is not only that there is any problem. So, lovers of dachshunds, yorkshire terriers, this option is not for you.

Chain leash

It is a chain breaks that are not so rare. In addition, it is the owner,

However, it is not suitable for everyday use. And therefore, you must always be able to walk.


There is a huge variety. This is a dog’s neck. Leads-ringovki are from metal, leather, leather, nylon and other materials.

The ring bells ring around the ring. It is a wreck. They are unreliable and even dangerous in a normal walk.

How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

Lead sparka

Leash Spark There are several animals at once, i.e. All dogs will be strapped to one ring.

It is a scanty day for a couple of women to follow. their actions with each other.

So, we considered what are the leashes for dogs. The dog is not so simple. It is safe to use it.

Anastasia Cherkasova, Internet magazine "100 worlds"

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