How To Make A Leash For Dogs

The leash is necessary for dogs of different breeds. It is a dog that makes it a bit different. You need to decide on your dog type.

Purpose and types of leads for dogs

The reasons why dog ​​breeders use a leash:

  • Walking fighting dogs, which are special ammunition;
  • Walking a pet who reacts restlessly to other animals or strangers;
  • The need to transport a four-legged friend in public transport;
  • Walk away from the owner;
  • Dog training;
  • Participation in the exhibition.

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Dog with a leash

If you are a tarpaulin, genuine leather or other material. For one pet, dog breeders usually have several types of leads for different occasions.

Table 1. Types of leads and their description.

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Criteria for choosing a leash and ringovki for dogs

Its size and material of manufacture.

Table 2. Dimensional grid of leads, which manufacturers use.

  1. For up to three meters.
  2. For walking up to ten meters.

Popular materials for the manufacture of leads:

Leather leashes make single-layer and multi-layered. These accessories are convenient, but they are deformed and lose their elasticity when moisture enters.

Synthetic and canvas accessories are the most durable. Metal chains are not used for long-haired breeds, as the links are entangled in wool.

Lead catching

The dog is being taught When it comes to the strap around your neck, you can fasten the leash.

The collar is the first time of the month of 1.5 months. At this time, kids usually happily perceive all the innovations. But it is not necessary to wear ammunition. In this situation, it is important to take a look at the dog.

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It is carried out in a puppy. The dog must be fed. Before you put on a dog, you need to sniff it. Leash or gnaw it.

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Teaching a puppy to a leash

If she gets tired a little.

It can be taken from 7 to 30 days, it can be taken from the dog.

When it comes to the rules of raising and training dogs:

  1. Always seek obedience.
  2. They do not start a new stage of education.
  3. Punishment and not shouting at him.
  4. Success encourages delicacy.
  5. Training is not tired.
  6. The collar should not be too tight, and the leash is heavy.
  7. Accessories should not have a sharp smell.

How to encourage a dog treat during training

It has been shown that it is not a matter of course. Roulette for training is not suitable.

In the first days, they only fasten the leash to the collar, teaching the puppy to this manipulation. The dog doesn’t hold the leash. The behavior of the leash.

If you are pulling it, you can’t get it. An effective method is to induce movement with a bowl of food.

It should not be stopped. The movement continues after the ward comes to the owner.

Features of adult dog leash

The stages of training an adult animal are different from those described earlier. The training begins with his dog, about 8 meters long. The leash should not be allowed to hang freely. Get you used to it. Usually an adult animal. For training use delicacy. It is a great morsel, it’s not a problem.

One lesson with an adult dog should not exceed half an hour.

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How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Leash requires patience from the owner.

Lead for dogs with their own hands

This is a selection of accessories. Branded factory production models are usually equipped with high-quality fittings. Metal carbines, half rings or rings must be of high quality.

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Carbines for the leash

Rings and half rings must be welded.

If you can get it with the firmware sturdy threads.

Cord for making a lead

One of the most popular materials for hand-made ammunition is the nylon sling. But it is not the best option. Such tape slips in hands. A dog’s jerk on his hands, especially if he is a sharp edge.

The leash of tarpaulin is very durable, but can also damage the hand of the owner. For trained and balanced large dogs. The accessory is not very aesthetic, but it can be decorated.

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Tarpaulin Dog Leash

The leather leash is soft and comfortable. The most comfortable products are obtained from calfskin. Leash it?

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Leather leash for dogs

IMPORTANT! Sew a leather leash The product does not work quality. Therefore, for self-manufacturing most often choose the material.

Do-it-yourself step-by-step instructions for making a leash

Dog dog at home? This is a small budget.

You will need:

  1. Durable ribbon of linen or tarpaulin
  2. Carabiner and coupling ring
  3. Sewing machine
  4. Scissors
  5. Lighter

Items needed for a manufacture

It is advisable to buy carbines.

On average, the length of the leash should be 2.5 m. It will be your choice.

These carbines are used in the manufacture of bags.

It is not a good idea to handle the tape.

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One end of the nylon strip is threaded into the carabiner, tipped around 30 mm and folded inward. The resulting three layers of tape stitched in several directions.

A loop for the carbine

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Attaching a ribbon to the carabiner

Having been established for several times, it is necessary to stitch.

Need for stitch tape

There is a loop in the form of a loop. The size of it is determined by the size of 4-5 cm is made. They make a three-layer gateway and sew it.

Loop for a hand on a leash

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Handle manufacturing scheme

Your product is ready.

Lead your pet

It is a good idea to keep it.

In the same way, you can not only make a pet leash, but also a lead leash.

Making a ringing your own hands

Show the appropriate color.

IMPORTANT! Ringovka should not be a contrast.

In accordance with the fashion accessory of the precious metals.
For round breeds – 3 mm, for round – 8.10 mm.

Also need ringovki rings and accessories for decoration. The diameter of the ring is determined by the thickness of the cord.

First, make a noose according to the size of the dog. The head of the pet should crawl into a noose with difficulty. Both ends of the cord are melted. It is a certain distance from where you can make it. It is also possible to use a jacket.

How To Make A Leash For Dogs

Choke collar for ringing do it yourself

All parts are stitched with durable synthetic thread. Cord for bonding.

If you can not buy a light color and paint.

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