How To Take Off The Dog Pull Loss


He was pulling his dog in his head.

Such a tug on a leash.

It will be a little pet for you to dispose of your shoulder. Or a dog cannabis badly because of a tracheal injury. Moreover, it wants to go far away from you, and even three times faster.

When you dog pulls on the face, and you also begin to pull, you can only achieve it. Action creates opposition. dog training as well as in other areas of life.

Of course, it was still a small and cute puppy. If you are walking or running ahead. Perhaps it wasn’t been the way forward; Walking on a leash takes some time. It is a rule of thumb for a person to move in time. But it is very difficult for a dog.

So, before you’re away from the dog, you can’t get it. The dog must wear a soft collar and fasten the leash 3-5 meters. Start with the dog movement. She says that she is trying to start pulling her hair. After the jerk, slow down the pace and change direction. By changing the direction, get the dog to follow you. This can be achieved with a series of weak, sharp jerks.

REMEMBER. He dog needs to be praised, encouraged And you still need to loosen the leash. Practicing this exercise should bring positive emotions to your walks. Try to perform it in a game form. The number of repetitions 5-7, with a constant change of direction.

The next stage of the exercise. It is the same. Do not forget to praise your pet. It stops pulling the leash. It is necessary to ensure that the dog understands the dog, if she pulls it, it is necessary to get it out, it will not be an honor and praise.

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You can’t always be on the “stricter” and then it will not pull. From my own experience I’ll tell you what it’s all about. The dog will get used to it. Not all breeds are pulling away, they jerked once, and they will be even more stubborn.

For those who have a dog, I will advise the following exercise. One dog on the dog? It makes it possible for you to take care of the “soft” leash, and then for a second or two seconds for the “strict” one. After a few workouts, you need to increase the interval of 3-5 seconds, while increasing the power of jerks.

At first, do this exercise for 5-10 minutes, then increase this time.

Be sure to have a dog. After practicing the exercise, go for a walk. Working out these exercises!

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If you’re liking it, then you’re leash? Some owners consider such a “defect” unimportant, writing it down. If you are a friend, you are a friend and you are justifying the tight fit. In fact, any defect in behavior is associated with a lack of education. It is quite simple. It is a wicked and stopped making mistake.

How To Take Off The Dog Pull Loss

It is true that the norash. However, we are talking about four-legged workers who are taught to give signals to the coach. It means that you can’t move it. Before corrective training, it’s necessary to clearly understand your motivation. The dog pulls the leash instinctively in the following situations:

  • Fear and escape attempt.
  • Aggression and attempted assault.
  • A pet breed that is not trained to walk properly.
  • Guide dog, indicating the trajectory of movement.
  • A dog working in the field of tracing and attacking on the trail.
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The situation is where the pet is tied up. It is necessary to correct the pattern.

Important! Normally, it is not necessary to move along the ground.

What do you think of a pet? You are wrong! It can be different:

How To Take Off The Dog Pull Loss

  • It is approved in the role of leader. He decides where you go and what you do. This behavior is permissible.
  • An older dog shows disrespect to the owner. Subordinating him to his desires.
  • You risk earning a shoulder injury. It is a jerk?
  • It can be difficult to make it. Over time, the state of mild hypoxia becomes the habit of even stronger. As a result, it is a simple walk.

Before the analysis It is a puppy. Perhaps you’ve been accustomed to the ammunition and not being petted for disobedience. Of course, it is necessary to educate a four-legged one, but first, get rid of your bad habits:

How To Take Off The Dog Pull Loss

  • You are walking, dog pulls! We give you a little bit more room for sniffing, but no more. You want your dog to follow your example.
  • Overexcited, aggression, cowardice, throwing on a leash and a sharp barking should not be encouraged. Switch to a toy or team.
  • Forget about jerks! It is a method of physical training. If you are talking about an adult dog. Loosen the tension of the collar and pull. If you’re not stretched, it means that I’ll be unpleasant from a jerk. Consequences of the leash, avoiding punishment.

It is never too much time to get rid of bad habits. It was believed that he could not repeat the same action for 21 days. The ward is aware of a more comfortable alternative. If you think that you’ve been walking every walk – you are mistaken. He sees it as she sees it out of the situation.

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How To Take Off The Dog Pull Loss

Important! Constancy is important in any training; every wrong pet act must result in a repressive owner response. Behavior adjustments may take 10–14 days.

  • Hooks on the ends. Leads are divided into short, medium and free. A loose lead (10–12 m) is used for dog training, an average fit for walking.
  • Roulette is a very convenient, but destructive accessory in learning. The leash is kept taut. The dog doesn’t get confused in it.

How To Take Off The Dog Pull Loss

  • Arm loop and carbine. Corrective training.
  • The accessory also doesn’t fit. Parforsa use is relevant only in exceptional cases.
  • Collar-choke collar – a loop that pulling the leash. Fair remedy for adults, large and not trained dogs.
  • It is not necessary to use the skin. It is not a muzzle, but it is a corrective accessory.
  • ESHO (stun collar) – usually has 2 modes: vibration and shock. Vibro is a warning, a blow is a punishment. If you’re harassing yourself or others.
  • The harness is a convenient accessory for trained dogs,

Ammunition for you! You can use one lead (3-5 meters), the collar can be changed. Also, during the training, forget about it forever. Do not use it, as we discussed above. It is a minimum of irritants.

So for the walk:

  • If you are a woman, you will be able to get in on the opposite direction. Carry a caudate, go snake and eights, sharply turn or turn around, stop the pet. This is not a tactic.
  • It is impossible to correct, it’s not true, but it’s not true, it’s impossible to follow it. Scolding a dog, you need it.
  • Change the direction of movement. It will be easier for you to monitor you.

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