How To Teach

To simply leave out the house before leaving the house. It will be a bit different. If he sits there, he will go to his distance. It will be a matter of course.

It’s not a problem, because training includes physical punishment. Walking ash Feet puppy with 3 months

So, take a collar and treat, then go to the place of training. You may need a strict collar. You cant cope with it, buy a stork. Parfors training will be 10 times easier. You must be able to read the article. It will be a bit like a chewing gum.

You can practice the team already leaving home. Although it will be somewhat inconvenient, since it will often be necessary to give commands, stop, etc. It is not particularly pleasant. Therefore, it’s possible to get it on the way. Alternatively, you can go to the next territory.

If you are a dog, it will help you. It is more serious.

Clip your dog near your left foot. For this, the sit command is useful. Wait 7-10 seconds before starting to do anything. The number of commands is not always met.

After a pause, give the command "near" and start moving. Do not rush forward and keep up. It should go to the left. It is not necessary to interfere. If it doesn’t break out, or lags behind, then it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it is no longer pulls the leash. As you gain experience, you will achieve the perfect execution of the team!
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Treat him after putting on

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How many months of puppy and what kind of breed?

How To Teach

Gradually. At first, distract from There will be no leash on the street.

The puppy is used to make a collar. Wear a collar when you watch. Distract your puppy from thoughts about the collar.

Remove the collar as soon as possible. If you are trying to get rid of him, It will be a bit more difficult to get rid of it.

It seems unusual to even be wearing it. However, over time, she gets used to it. Of course, the collar should not be made of hard or uncomfortable material. A good choice. Lightweight nylon collar with a sturdy plastic lock.

If you are not on a leash. It has been noted that there has been a problem in the field of breeding.

Colorful ribbons. In any case, your puppy will not always be able to make it. The next step is to lead the school. Some puppies seem to be shocked by the sudden attachment to the leash. In this case, you can start with ribbon, lace, etc. As you get used to it, add extra length to the leash.

If you want to travel through the trainer, you can manage it. If you want to change the leads too often.

At the moment when it comes to the collar. Remove the leash

Do not leave it unattended. This can be, firstly, the spoil of the dog, and

It makes it possible to make it clear.
Technique training. Before you teach your puppy, you should train your puppy. For this it is the best to use delicacies. Do not be afraid to go. It is a reward for a puppy, but he still doesn’t know about it. If you want to do so, you can.

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Especially good for this meal time. Holding a bowl of food in your hands, you can easily walk.

Every time you play with him, it’s a little fun.

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