How To Teach A Dog

The dog should be in each owner. Pet skill to walk on a leash the basis of dog etiquette. This is the main indicator of animal rearing.

A dog needs a dog to a leash. It is a problem that the dog will make it.

Puppy training

Schooling for children

  • Adaptation. Before you start training, you must prepare for the training. A puppy should “get to know” her sniffing her carefully. He should not be allowed to play with accessories. This habit will distract the puppy during training.
  • Preparatory stage. First, the baby is trained to the collar. If you’re trying to find out what to do, you’ll call It is not allowed to get rid of her pet. When it is necessary to remove it. If the collar stops worrying, you can proceed to the next step.

The collar should not be too tight. Free accessory also carries a danger. Between the fingers of the owner.

  • Home training. Before you go outside, you’ll find yourself in a familiar environment (within the house). You can start by attaching a short rope to the collar, which will reach for the pet. The rope must be replaced with a leash (no longer than 2 meters). At the time of the training can not leave a puppy unattended in order to avoid injury. This item is for. To do this, it is a puppy around the house. It is necessary to encourage him to use his favorite delicacy. This will motivate further learning.
  • Training on the street. After mastering the previous stages. It is nearby. The puppy should go behind the man. If he runs away or pulls away, the trainer should be stopped immediately. You can continue to move when the puppy is suitable. No need to pull the leash! This action is embitter and demotivates the baby.
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It was a month before a dog approached the dog.

Adult animal training

The stages of the training are puppy. It is important to observe their sequence in both cases.

The leash for an adult pet should not be long (7-8 meters). Freedom of the animal is not limited to its training effect. The motivation system causes positive emotions in the pet. Training should take place in a relaxed manner, be no more than 30 minutes.

If you provide a learning environment as soon as possible.

What age to start

Show puppies from 1.5 months. At this age, it is recommended to instill the basics of Small pets easily and quickly learn the lessons. It will be up to you.

How To Teach A Dog

It can be seen as a half-month puppy.

Fundamental rules

There are basic rules for the dog:

  1. Acquaintance with a walk to the ground (within the animal’s place of residence).
  2. At the time of training, it should not be near the household and strangers. Concentration of attention pet.
  3. It is better to conduct 2 motions after a meal (preferably after a walk).
  4. Training should be regular, the stages of training. consistent.
  5. Ammunition should be selected correctly. It is unacceptable to purchase a product with a pungent smell, inappropriate size.
  1. Show aggression The dog will begin to resist.
  2. Jump from stage to stage. It is not necessary to understand the animal.

Testing the team "near"

This command is the most important. From homeless animals to fights with homeless animals.

  • The training is carried out during the walk.
  • The voice speaks in a calm voice. It should be rewarded with a word and favorite.
  • It should be noted that the person should not be able to move. It must be treated.
  • For training adults use a "strict collar." Its feature is the spikes on the inside, which cause pain when jerking.
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Training should take place in a relaxed, relaxed atmosphere. When it comes to other animals. The pet of the pet. To avoid a fight, you must be especially careful.

Walk without a leash

This option is a "is available to me", "near".

Walking should not be carried out only on familiar territory. Without ammunition in a crowded place.

At this stage, the task of the host. be able to fasten the strap to the dog’s collar at any time. During training, the pet should not distract anything. Stern voice says the command "to me." When the dog comes, a leash is fastened to his collar. If the dog doesn’t resist, it is waiting for a treat. Over time, this process will not cause her negative emotions.

Choosing ammunition

It is necessary to choose the right gear. Size and purpose.


The collar should not be worn in the form of squeezing the neck. Types of collars:

  • Everyday Designed for daily walks. They are the most popular, made mainly from leather. Their main conditions are durability and reliability. The collar to the leash.
  • Exhibition. Decorated in chain-strangulation, have a spectacular view. Used for dog shows.
  • Training Collision of the dog during the snatch. Electric or electric motor.
  • Decorative. Serve for beauty. Used for dogs of small breeds for home keeping.

The collar should not sit too tight. There are 2 human fingers. For puppies, it is advisable to purchase a collar with length adjustment. Choke collar is selected according to the size of the puppy’s head, collar. on the girth of the neck.

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The pet in size. Kinds:

  • Short (up to 2 meters). Suitable for puppies and dogs of small breeds.
  • Long (5-7 meters). Made for adult dogs.
  • Roulette. Designed for pets who have mastered the basics of education. It is impossible to help.

When choosing a leash It must be durable. Optimum belt width. 2 cm

The dog will be patient. If you follow these guidelines, you should be comfortable.

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