How To Teach A Dog

It is very important before certain teams. The pet of the pet. A raised dog must walk near the owner. This can be achieved in a few days of training. It can be a quick and easy way to learn the dog. In our article we can talk about the long-awaited effect.

How To Teach A Dog

When can I go?

There are a lot of things to do. Usually dog ​​training for a six-month age. However, it’s possible For the first few months of the vaccine are exposed. The puppy should not be able to sit down and approach the owner. It is also important that it is not distracted by new smells.

How to conduct the first lesson?

It’s better to choose a deserted place. And the owner must go active step. This is not the case for the boredom and the sniffing of the neighboring bush. If the dog is active enough, then it will be a matter of course. It is given no longer than 15 seconds.

For the first training, it is important to not only up on a short leash, a delicacy, but also a patience. It should be praised, and then give it a treat. You can periodically repeat the command "next" and slap your thigh.

Typical mistakes

There are the most common mistakes that complicate the process of training. It is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • If you’re not
  • It is not necessary to keep the animal behind you. After pronouncing "near" you need to shortly pull the leash.
  • It is a jerk until full mastering.
  • You can not shout him.
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Recommendations for choosing a treat

In order to work out any team, a delicacy will be the best help. The puppy will be motivated to receive its best. On the left side. This is where the pet should go.

How To Teach A Dog

It is interesting and concentrated. The main procedure for learning and getting goodies:

  • First of all, the delicacy should be in the left hand, and the leash in the right.
  • Repeating the "next".
  • It is a treat for the dog.
  • You must be on your way to the left side, next to the owner.
  • After fulfilling all the requirements, he can get a well-deserved yummy.

The dog is distracted, then the dog is distracted. If you want to have a baby, you can’t get it. Gradually, he will grasp the link between teamwork and yummy. You can give it to you. It will make it possible to keep the puppy will make.

Teaching dogs to the team "next"

The development of this skill occurs after the puppy is adapted to the collar and leash. Classes should be held in familiar places. The conditional stimulus represents the order “near”, the unconditioned one is the leap jerk. The dog must be on foot. If you are on foot, go ahead. You need to go for a stroke.

The order “comes along” and comes to itself. After some time, the dog learns, the dog learns It is possible to check whether it’s possible to follow it up. If you are a puppy, you will be formed, then you should be able to continue. Gradually, he learns to walk nearby, even with different distractions.

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When a command is given

The order must be given. First, it is pronounced “next”, and then the course begins. A pet’s foot should not be kept at a distance. Also, it is possible to change the location. Slow down and accelerated.

It’s possible to make it a little bit more difficult to make it.

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