How To Teach A Dog

How To Teach A Dog

Does it help you, because it cannot boast perfect obedience? It would be a good idea to get there.

How To Teach A Dog

Why not on a leash?

Of course, you should receive a certain physical exertion. To do this, it needs to run, play.

It was not clear that there was a hitch for everyone. whining and barking for no reason.

It can be seen that many people often encounter such a problem.

It has been a lot that has been seen as a rule. You can’t make it, you can’t.

We establish contact

The first step is to make sure the dog hears you. It is very difficult to achieve obedience.

You have to become friends and companions for each other. It is not a “empty place” for the dog.

Sometimes people love the trainer trainer. It is often not enough to provide a dog with food over the head. It is important for you to keep yourself.

Cat doesn’t like dog It is important to be aware of it. In addition, it is necessary to follow the rules.

Going for a walk and a favorite toy. For her, for example,

At this point, the dog should look at you. If you are looking after it? It is a small piece of it.

It means that it’s not a problem. So you’ll always look at your pet. Now you can give the dog any command.

We are learning the command "to me!"

Do you want to run away at any moment? It is necessary to help with voice commands or gestures.

If you are sure, you can safely

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In order to develop this skill, while walking on a dog Distinctly and in an authoritative tone.

It means that the dog will be able to get it.

Do this exercise 5-7 times and repeat your daily until you achieve a trouble-free execution of the command.

It will make it necessary to make it a little bit more.

It is a nice flat landscape (for example, to the park), where it can be carried out. \

Pull the dog off the leash and do the same exercise.

There are no limits on the number of people who need to be saved.

If the dog doesn’t fit the team …

As you may have noticed, “me!”

For example, it is not necessary to follow it.

But this dog is not learn anything. And your movement in your direction.

After giving the command, try to squat. It will nevertheless run up to you.

In addition, you can still clap your hands. Regard to the game. It is possible to keep away with it.

If it runs away. Hen you run away with even greater speed. It is better to get lost.

Common Host Mistakes

If you can’t make it, you can make these popular mistakes.

Multiple command repetition

If you said that it was nevertheless approving, Every time after five words “to me!”

It is a little more outside. Do not take her home immediately. Otherwise, I will be approached by me – I approached – The dog will not play it, because it has not been played.

To avoid this “come to me!”

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The command is pronounced clearly, loudly enough, with a commanding, but not threatening tone. The animal should not be afraid of you. Intimidate it.

Punishment after executing a command

If the dog didn’t come to you on demand, but after a while, do not scold her. Otherwise, she’s come up. After the first command.

Do you not want to make these mistakes?

To walk even more comfortable, the dog should also be taught to the team "next!".

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