How To Teach A Dog

How to teach a dog to the collar

At first, the dog is trained to the collar. Calls the dog, shows the collar and gives it a sniff. Stroking a dog, he imperceptibly After 3-5 minutes, the dog is encouraged by stroking and dainty.

The dog is in the collar. It is not tightly wrinkled or worn on an adult dog. To harness the dog accustom

How to teach a dog to leash

Then accustom the dog to the leash. For example, the trainer It is not a matter of how much it is attached to the collar. It is not necessary to make jerks with a leash and not to sharply limit the mobility of the dog. Signs of fear of the collar or leash If you’re a dog, you’re making it a little fun.

Gradually, the dog will gradually reduce its leash. Then the dog is trained to have an elongated leash. What does the trainer look for?

How to teach a dog to muzzle

To muzzle teach – as follows. It is a trainer on the trainer who has a dog . It should be done as quickly as possible for the dog. By the way of active play, jogging, stroking, etc. It is a funk, and it’s not a bad thing.

How To Teach A Dog

It is sometimes necessary to use it.

It increases the amount of time it takes to rest.

If you are a dog, it is considered accustomed to the collar, the leash, the harness and the muzzle.

The leash, the harness, the harness, the leash, the harness

  1. Incorrect tightening of the collar, harness or muzzle
    ka (too tight or weak);
  2. Rudeness, sharpness when putting on a dog; harness or muzzle on a dog;
  3. Sharp jerks leash;
  4. The use of coercion;
  5. Permission to play a dog with a leash, muzzle, harness.
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