How To Teach A Dog

How To Teach A Dog

It is a dog that wins a puppy. It is necessary to ensure that it is necessary to ensure that it can be used.

This command refers to the basic skills course. It is not necessary to say that it’s not a problem. for your nerves. It is a dog who is not trained in the “near!” In addition, the training team "next!" Even in a contour in general.


It is worth noting that “the next door!” Where you usually practice with your puppy. The number of stimuli is minimal.

It would be a little bit more than a thought. .

Learning stages

Beginner trainer should not know the next repetition of the command! Will not bring proper success. The voice command is given only in the following cases:

  • Before driving;
  • Before stopping;
  • Before changing direction;
  • Before changing the speed of movement.

In all other cases, the dog’s behavior is corrected by a leash. Teaching the team "near!" Without a leash is organized as follows:

  • Give the command “near!” And start moving. If the dog follows the instructions, loosen the leash, and then lay it on the pet’s back. After 10 seconds, give the command "sit!", Stop and praise the pet.
  • Having sustained 10 seconds in a sitting position, continue movement. Repeat the command "near!", But not the lift. After 5-10 meters, stop the dog and repeat the action described in the previous paragraph. To encourage a puppy delicacy; alternate it with emotional praise.
  • During the working out of the team "next!" Change the trajectory and the speed of movement. The main thing is to consistently, without forgetting to encourage the success of the pet.
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After your few lessons on this scheme Do not forget your thigh. Soon, it’s not a lagging or not.

It should not be taken for more than 7–10 minutes.

If there is a use, it is recommended that you use it. Learn and learn unquestioning obedience.

How To Teach A Dog

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