How To Teach A Puppy

A puppy appeared in the house of a joy, vanity, a sea of ​​positive and no worries. It’s time to bring the pet to the people. But this can be done solely on the leash, for the sake of the innocent baby. How do you teach a puppy?

Adaptation period

In fact, training for ammunition. It becomes the “tied” to the owner. This is not the case:

How To Teach A Puppy

  • It’s necessary to be patient.
  • Encouragement is the key to success. It helps to master the skills? It can be not only a delicacy, but also a caress, a kind of word or a fun game.
  • The collar should not be worn before going out. It is not a problem. Collars made of metal, with ornaments, bells, etc. It is difficult to get used to. If this is an accessory cares too much for a dog, then you can periodically take it off.

Some useful recommendations

Almost all babies are stressed when putting on ammunition. For some, this process is accompanied by real hysteria. You can apply several methods to smooth out these manifestations:

  • If you are wearing a collar
  • You should encourage your pet immediately after the ammunition –
  • It is necessary to check whether the collar is not too tight. It should not be crush the baby.

Sometimes it is possible to get it out. To save the pet from such shocks, at the first sign of nervousness, you can omit it. You can play with him at this moment. The main thing is that the crumb is not confused. After a good time, you should take a drink, call a puppy, and at the same time offer something tasty.

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Rules puppy to leash

The situation is a little bit different.

For example, if you’re puppy, you’re hysterically whistled up, you can’t You can not raise your voice. It is necessary to stand quietly. In most cases, the behavior of the animal is transmitted to the animal.

How To Teach A Puppy

Weasel helps a lot when a baby is afraid. It is not recommended.

If you’re all about the crumbs. A decent size when it comes to training, since such babies quickly and safely:

  • While moving the dog pulls the leash. It is necessary to stop immediately. The pet must understand that its acceleration is the opposite.
  • Pet refuses to go on a leash. Often the doggie demonstratively sit down or even lie down, refusing from further walking. In this case, you need to motivate your pet. It is necessary to move away a little from the puppy, and call him, offering a delicacy. Typically, the baby "thaws" and recalls his protest. In this case, the action with the delicacy should be repeated.

Experts are unanimous – any process of education needs and training needs consistency. The puppy, suppress bad manifestations. For example, it is necessary to use it.

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Reinforcement skills

It has been necessary that it has been accepted for several years. It will be better if it goes. Gradually, it should be shortened.

How To Teach A Puppy

Any disobedience should be calm. In the process of learning, it is important to take care of you.

It is better to give preference to short ammunition. But it is not necessary to follow the guidelines of professional dog trainers.

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It is necessary to show patience, calm and unlimited love. It is a necessary measure for its safety.

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