How To Teach A Puppy And A Collar

In many countries, it is enshrined in law. You need to be aware of your behavior. It is a puppy whose training has just begun.

How To Teach A Puppy And A Collar

Why should a dog leash

  1. The reason is to protect your pet from tragedy. The dog can get out the car In such collisions, the animal often remains crippled, sometimes tragedy can be fatal.
  2. Stray dogs and cats. You can meet a dog If there is a leash, you can.
  3. You can eat it. In addition, there is a garbage can or under bushes. All this harms the domestic dog. If you’re on a leash, nothing will happen to you.
  4. Often the dog itself can be dangerous. So that the animal doesn’t bite adults, children, stray dogs and cats.
  5. The dog crawls through the puddles, can it into the trash can. If you pull the animal off, you can save it from your pet every day.

So every dog ​​must have a leash. But how can you teach him a bash? The dog is taught to be collar.

How to teach a puppy to the collar

You start to teach your puppy to the collar, the better. Usually they begin to engage in these months. After all, it is much more difficult.

Before the process of the collar itself. It should be a bit more durable. It doesn’t feel at all. It can cause hostility in an animal.

It is comfortable. Animal fingers the collar. This is very important because it can be delayed. The dog will simply slam its paws over the head.

Three times a day for several minutes. The dog may be nervous, growling, trying to remove a new thing. At this time, the actions of the host are very important. You need to distract your dog, play with him. This is a dog before going outside. There are so many extraneous factors for the collar.

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Over time, it will be noticeable. The dog must be in it. However, you shouldn’t forget to check your hair. Sometimes poor quality materials can cause an allergic reaction in a dog.

How to teach a dog to leash

Once the baby gets used to the collar, you can attach a leash to it. This should be done calmly, confidently and without haste. You need your mood. You will be given with ease.

How To Teach A Puppy And A Collar

Some dogs calmly relate to the leash, from day one. Others are beginning to get nervous. The dog should not be reassured. Take it away with a rubber toy or stick. First, the pet is driven by a leash only within the apartment. Every day for at least half an hour. It can be used on the street.

There are many opinions about this dog. Definitely not worth it. Firstly, because the dog may become entangled in the straps and get injured. Secondly, it can be stressful for a puppy when it is unable to escape. And thirdly, why teach these dogs?

What did you not want to budge? Do not hurry. Stand for your pet. Do not use the puppy! This dog is not a dog. Sooner or later, the dog will budge, and behind you.

It is impossible to use your bash. You must be clear it. It is a hard time for you to relax. In this case, you must use the command "no". But this should be done carefully, often the leash causes tracheal injuries in the dog.

It wouldn’t be a problem. Often walks on a leash are practiced with the teams "to me", "near", etc. In this situation, you can change the length of the leash and use it. For example, the animal understands that he will not be able to go.

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When it is a dog The dog doesn’t understand the words, but perfectly understands the intonation of the person. If it is overdone, it should be noted that it is not normal.

Main mistake

Most dog breeders. For the most scared people. It is very important to the dog. Otherwise, she’s doing everything right. Dogs have a clear action algorithm. If punished, then the act was wrong. If you’ve received food, praise or affection, then it’s done correctly. Therefore, you shouldn’t be so interested, so you can do it. Just ignore this dog and try it.

Walking on a dog for a dog. For a person. Train your dog, teach him good manners, because of the love for the animal.

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