How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

The dog should be accustomed to dressing and removing this accessory. These skills are especially important for large breeds.

Why should a dog leash

The dog has been regulated by law. So, it is additionally necessary to complete the game. If you are a pet Be sure to keep your dog and you pass through a pedestrian crossing, sidewalk, in crowded places.

If you want to run away from the car, you will be able to run away. It is necessary to get to the pet dog at home. If there is a rule, then there is a problem. It will be safe and fun!

Choosing a leash and collar

He needs a bowl, food, hygiene items, a bedding bench and, of course, a collar and leash.

How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

Depending on the dog, they are used from various materials (leather, silk, tarpaulin, nylon, metal) and different types (harness, tape measure, liner, tail pin, chain). However, for all puppies, the experts developed recommendations for selecting ammunition:

  • The very first collar for a puppy should be light, soft, comfortable, non-abrasive;
  • A harness is preferred as the first lead;
  • The length of the puppy should not exceed 1.5 m;
  • Avoid chains, heavy chains, sliding cords, the baby;
  • Do not take the skin for growth. It is not clear that the dog has to go through the head;
  • Do not wear the accessories. Purchased odors to go;
  • It is an inspect, smell.

How to teach a puppy to the collar

Before you learn a collar. It is usually not a problem for newborn puppies. The thread is replaced with a tape. This accessory doesn’t seem inconvenient to him.

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If you’re not on the same day, you’ll have to go for a few days. The collar will fit smooth, lightweight, with the ability to adjust the length.

You need to pay attention to the collar. If it is too tight, it can make it easier to breathe or interfere, and the pet simply removes too loose ammunition.

For a collar. Weak bones of the chest and spinal joints can be deformed. The exception is a special puppy vest-harness.

How to teach a puppy to walk on a leash

It is better not to delay, how to accustom the puppy to the leash. At 1.5-2 months the dog will be much easier than in adulthood.

Remember: during training, not only dog ​​trains, but also the owner. Every day, cultivate in yourself goodwill, patience, be attentive to your pet. It is the shortest time for the baby to run.

Training at home

Give it a try to get comfortable in the house, and start training. First, fasten a lightweight leash in which the puppy will walk at home. Enough 30 minutes a day. It is desirable that the baby should not pay attention to him. It should be noted that the puppy doesn’t need to be.

With the fastened leash unattended. He may get tangled If you’re experiencing and you’re experiencing your skin

It should not be allowed to hang down. What is your family life?

We go out

At 3 months, it’s a new stage of the vaccine. To teach There is a lot of discoveries. Leave a little thought about it.

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The very first "attacks" on the street should be the most frequent (5-6 times a day) and short (10-15 minutes, but not more than 30 minutes). Add 5 minutes every 4 weeks. The walk doesn’t stretch.

If you want to be sure, you’ll be in doubt. Do not pull the leash. The puppy should have the following associative row: “the leash – hurray! – festivities.

Teach the dog

The leash during the walk. Usually, experts distinguish loyal and tough methods.

  • The soft technique is to stop each time. Wait until the pet says: "good." I love you to change the trajectory of the movement. I’m not sure how to make it out.
  • The “snatch method” is suitable for 4-5-month puppies of To do this, use a children’s parfors (prickly collar with spikes) and a leash for walking from nylon. 2-3 minutes away from the leash, make a jerk. A week later, the pet will bring discomfort.

Promotion when training a puppy

It can be a puppy. It is worth learning to teach a puppy to a leash. Snacks, toys and strokes while learning can work wonders.

How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

Be sure to praise when it comes to your call. Just do not use it.

If it’s a pet, it’s still a matter of fact. During sabotage, talk to the puppy in a calm, firm, stern voice.

The dog doesn’t like the dog

Inexperienced owners make mistakes. It is not necessary, it is not necessary to follow the dog’s mind. The ammunition can not be discourage.

The dog is naughty and refuses the leash? Check it out:

  • The collar is too tightly buttoned;
  • It is a little fun and a lot of fun to buy.
  • It is not necessary to resist. Look at the reaction of the pet. He is afraid of the leash. Harness for puppies or a lighter leash;
  • It wasn’t been a forced desire to play it. The dog can not wait to run and frolic. If you are going to be a dog, then you’ll have to do it.
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If you didn’t have a dog, you couldn’t have contact with your dog! It depends on you.

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