How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

A month and a half? Are you already walking along the embankment or park? It’s time to accustom him to the leash. But this should not be done.

It is true that some experienced breeders are wearing a collar. They tie ribbons on their necks. Thus, the future owners, buying a puppy, no longer have problems with this. But if your pet is not accustomed, then you have to work hard.

How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

Collar selection

This task requires the advice of specialists (veterinarian, breeder). It is a question that you have.

There are breeds dogs, whose collar must be removed necessarily. For example, hunting. Teaching such puppies in the field or forest terrain, you will surely unhook the collar. Your dog can get caught and injured.

Choosing your first pet, pay attention to the material. Well if it will be nylon with a fairly strong plastic clasp.

Teaching collar

Recall that this should not be done calmly, gradually. It leads to serious problems.

  1. It is necessary to choose the moment when your dog plays. Only with such actions.
  2. It is a fungus. Naturally, it is a dog to remove it. You should not take off the collar yourself.
  3. Do not remove the collar at the moment when the puppy is struggling with it. Thus, you only need to encourage your pet.

Teach to the leash

So, the puppy is already accustomed to the collar. Now the next stage is the leash. It is not possible to see this dog.

  1. Start with a string, lace, or ribbon. As the puppy gets used, add length.
  2. The leash should be fastened again when the puppy eats or plays in your presence.
  3. When the pet is down
  4. Do not leave the leash fastened unattended! This is a trifle compared to him.
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Learning technique

There is a way for you to consciously go where you want to go. In this case, good help delicacies!

Do you not be afraid of the dog? Not at all. For dog constantly having. After all, she will grow up! You will not need to know where you need.

First walk in nature

So, you have a lot of achievements and the collar and leash. Yes, and with his master, your ward runs consciously and obediently. It’s time to pick you up!

  • Follow the pet’s behavior. Puppy can be stupid. Yes, he will simply be able to go anywhere at all. Therefore, it needs a little relax and distract. After all, we do not feel so much about violence or pressure.
  • Never, with irritation and cries, pull you animal behind you! A puppy being dragged It is very dangerous!

Experienced dog owners argue that often the problem is not the dog. Leash, because he thinks he must necessarily be taut. This is mistake!

  • Do not drag the puppy constantly. The pet must also have its own “familiar” terrain, which it must “comb”. This is important to him! You shouldn’t be able to walk behind it.

Does a dog try to drag you somewhere? Suspend. It will not be necessary, it will not work. And immediately at such a moment. You can offer a treat!

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