How To Train

If you are already a dog, you can always walk alongside on a dog. Having been trained to walk alongside without a leash, you can control him. In addition, this team promotes obedience in general.

For starters, learn to walk alongside on a leash. It turns out that it is necessary to ensure that the animal plays a role. Leash,

The team “near” should ideally be worked out. Now proceed to the training. To get started, go to a place where you usually train your pet. The dog may become more difficult.

Let me remind you when the command "next" is given. 1 – before driving; 2 – before the stops; 3 – before each turn in any direction; 4 – to accelerate or slow motion. Therefore, stopping, say: "next, sit." They’re not saying: “to the left, or to the right,” they say: “near” and immediately turn. Also, they say simply: “near”. and then accelerate or slow down the movement.

  1. First step. You move with a dog nearby on a leash. While driving, throw it back and continue driving. The command: "side by side, sit." As soon as the dog sits down – give a stroke, stroke and praise properly. For the first time otrabatyavayte team with a fastened leash, but do not hold it.
  2. The second step. After standing for about 10 seconds idle (make sure that the dog is sitting), continue training. Say “close by” again and continue. Every 4-8 meters, give the command: "next, sit." The following are the steps described in the first step. Enough and praise for the team performed.
  3. The third step. Do not go all the time in a straight line. It is necessary to give the command "near" and turn in the right direction. Walk, few meters and stop, saying: "next, sit." Remember that commands must sound strictly and clearly.
  4. Fourth step. It’s time for the dog to get up. "Say" and "accelerate a little." The dog should go alongside you. You can go down 4-8 meters again, say “near” and slow down a bit. Do not stop abruptly – you will complicate later. It is better to stop faster.
How To Train

As you can see, you can not do.

Here are some important points. It is a good idea to watch it for you while it is moving. If you’re looking for something like that Very useful "trick".

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Also, do not rush to give commands. Stopping, wait 6-10 seconds before continuing. Rotate often also not worth it, at least 5 seconds to start. In general, always keep the dog’s head in.

Do not train this team for more than 5-7 minutes. After the game or after the game. Excessive training in training is harmful.

What should happen? What if it fails?

It was clear that she was going to go for a walk. The rule of thumb is the same. I repeat it.

The most common problem is dog lag. If you animal is lagging behind – pat yourself on the thigh, as if cheering and inviting to go near. It is clear that you should not be able to shout. It can be a whisper to say what the voice will be.

Do not repeat the command 10 times. It should be followed. Therefore, if you’re not obeyed, it means that you’re not Only after working for a team, grab the movement – then you will have the fastest success!

Before further learning, take a look at the short video below. A portion of positive results will be up to the limit 🙂

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