How To Wean A Dog

How To Wean A Dog

While walking the dog pulls the leash? Agree, there is little pleasant. What is your amlosion for a walk? It is impossible to make sure that such a behavior is unacceptable. Otherwise, the walk will turn into torture. It is a rule of thumb for men and women. Therefore, this behavior needs to be corrected.

How To Wean A Dog

What kind of animal behavior is considered normal?

Sometimes experts consider the norm. But when it is a dog pulling it. At a subconscious level, the dog may pull in the following cases:

  • If he is scared and tries to escape;
  • If it shows aggression;
  • Breed pet riding (so they are not taught to walk properly);
  • The strap of the trajectory of the route;
  • If the dog is wanted, it is her job.

There is no doubt that there is a tendency for this to occur. This is not a deviation from the norm. It is important to remember that it should be sag. The strap is not allowed.

How To Wean A Dog

A small digression. On personal experience, I’m a little bit early in early childhood. This also applies to the walk itself. I always wanted to go for a walk, since she’s been with short legs. After the strap was on the collar. For you She was barking at her. At this point, Jesse gave vent to her feelings. “Jessie, it’s impossible!” Or “Jessie, foo!”

How To Wean A Dog

How to teach a dog? First you need to understand why this is happening. There are several reasons for this:

  • This is a game for kids. This behavior is permissible only for the collar and leash.
  • It is not a question of what kind of pet you need to learn.
  • No one wants to get a shoulder injury. Constant tension is bad for joints and ligaments. If you’re following a sharp jerk? Therefore, the ammunition is one of the most important tasks.
  • The collar contributes to breathing. Light hypoxia will eventually become habitual, and then the strap will stretch much more. As a result, it will be choking with coughing and wheezing. Therefore, it is not a problem.
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What does it mean to be successful? We will look at this article. And also you can view the training video.

Stages of learning correct behavior while walking

Training for a walk in 3 stages. It is clear that it’s important to make it clear.

First stage

  • Training at this stage takes place in a secluded place. The optimal strap length is 3-5 meters.
  • If you’re doing this? Slow down!
  • To follow the pet. Jerking stops exactly when the tension is relaxed. In this case, it’s your pet delicacy or praise.
  • While the trajectory of motion must change.
  • This is a signal to follow.
  • If you want to create a flock. It is in the case of disobedience. A voluntary approach to the "leader" should not be encouraged. Following these simple rules for the pet.

Second stage

  • At this stage, it is necessary to teach leash. Now the pet’s name is not pronounced. Again, it is necessary to influence the behavior of the animal with jerks. Jerks stop when it is weakened and sagging. We must not forget that weaning from tension depends on praise and delicacy. It is possible that it will be possible.
  • How To Wean A Dog
  • It should be noted that the first and second stages should be taken at least 2 hours.
  • At this stage, the animal should follow its loose, sagging strap. The dog pulls it out. The length of the strap can be adjusted. If you have any questions,
  • Subsequent setting. It will make it possible to understand the behavior of the dog. Until now, all classes should take place in the so-called strict collar. Only in the third stage, a soft collar appears.
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Third stage

  • A soft collar is included here. If you are on the go
  • The strap of the collar, the soft collar, and only then – for strict. The interval between jerks should not be longer than 1 second.
  • Gradually, the time between flashing should increase to 3 seconds. Moreover, it’s not to increase, but to the contrary, only increase. Unfortunately, this stage may be delayed. It all depends on how pet is "spoiled" in this regard. Straight line.
  • How do we walk in the third stage? The first training should not be more than 5-7 minutes. The owner must conduct several such workouts during the walk.
  • For an increasing time, the workout should increase to 30 minutes.
  • This is what the dog pulls him through.
  • To teach him a pet. It is recommended that the dog be bored! In this case, it should be a dog.
  • Such training promotes the development of the skill "towing". It is then considered to be spent on your unstressed strap. It is undesirable.

It’s not a problem. It’s a funky experience. If you are a student, you should be able to pay attention.

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