How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash

How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash
How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash

How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash
How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash

Each dog, regardless of origin, has a number of bad habits, due not only to innate instincts, but also to physiological needs. One of these habits, not pleasing the owner of a four-legged friend, is the damage to various objects (from slippers to antique furniture) by means of sharp teeth.

One of the most accessible things for a dog’s teeth is a leash. And very often the owner does not attach much importance to the fact that this dog attribute is often in the pet’s mouth. And a dog, therefore, can express its dissatisfaction in motor loads, the duration of walks, or the absence of positive emotions.

Therefore, the owner should not only pay attention to this fact, but also try to rectify the situation. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent the outburst of aggression or excessive playfulness of the dog at the sight of the leash. Information on how to wean a dog to gnaw a leash can be found in the specialized literature or on websites dedicated to dog breeding. But it will not be superfluous to consult a professional canine.

First of all, the habit of gnawing the leash speaks of inattention to the dog, so weaning should begin gradually, changing the behavioral line in relation to the animal: you should not keep the dog on a short leash all the time, give it more time to run and frolic on its own. Perhaps the problem will disappear by itself.

But sometimes the dog tries to manipulate its owner through a leash. If the owner began to play with the dog or let off the leash at the first attempt to grab him with his teeth, the animal will remember it as a conditional signal to the person.

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Therefore, it is possible to wean from this by putting a muzzle on a dog, which is not always correct, or by teaching your pet to carry a toy in its teeth. For the first time a dog meets a leash, being a puppy, when the owner gradually tries to teach her to a collar, and also to walk on a leash. The puppy gnaws the leash, trying to get rid of the chilling movement of the object, wants to remove it.

You should not scold, and even more so to beat the puppy while he is busy with this process. It is also not recommended to remove the leash at this moment, otherwise the puppy will get the impression of victory not only over this new and unpleasant subject, but also over the owner.

To wear a collar and walk on a leash puppy should get used gradually. Attaching a leash is recommended at the moment when the puppy is playing or eating, so as not to attract much attention, and it should also be removed when the puppy is distracted and forgot about this accessory.

You should not leave a dog with a leash on unattended to prevent not only its damage, but also causing possible injuries to the puppy (if the leash gets tangled or gets caught on something).

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