How To Wean

Daily walks are part of the regime dog owners. For some, it’s a pleasant pastime with a pet, for others — a hell with jerks, wheezing and choking. Try to get back home faster. Such walking doesn’t bring pleasure either to man or to animal. It is described in the article. Why do dogs pull […]

Roulette Strap For Dogs

Flexi Roulette belt for dogs up to 12kg, 3m, turquoise 300 g 1210 rub. Flexi Roulette belt for dogs, blue L, 8m 2863 rub. Flexi Roulette belt for dogs up to 12kg, 3m, brown 300 g 1210 rub. Flexi Roulette belt for dogs, brown 15kg, 5m 1538 rubles. Flexi Roulette belt for dogs up to […]

If The Dog Pulls The Leash

It is even experienced dog breeders sometimes shrug. The dog, due to its vigor and mobility, often becomes a real problem on walks. There is a fairly large dog. What to do? “And then what to do,” you ask? Do not occur immediately, firstly, do not give up, repetition and consolidation. It is clear that […]

How To Teach A Puppy And A Collar

How to teach a puppy to a leash? Leash is necessary to walk on the street. The collar should be lightweight so that the puppy is used to it. For starters, a collar of leather stripes or leather nylon will do. It is very important to choose the collar. It will also be a lot […]

How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

Lead roulette It is an excellent choice when it comes to restrained temperament. The dog can always be pulled up closer, for example, bypassing a large puddle. Roulette is cable and tape. It is a little bit more than a caring mechanism. This is not the best option for a young, energetic and strong dog, […]

How To Fix A Tape For Dogs, Share Secrets

It is necessary to analyze the situation that precedes the repair. An animal can simply gnaw through the leash (which also happens often). The cost of the product was spent on repairs. To complete the task, you will need to replace the tools. Everything in order below. Repair Instructions How to fix it? It’s not […]

Leash For Dog

Leash – this is a dog and owner. It is a guarantee of safety. It shouldn’t cut the palm. It is a carabiner for a dog, it is a caring for a dog. Nylon leash – lead lead walking walking training It is important that the loop and the carbine fasteners are stitched with a […]

How To Teach A Dog

The dog should be in each owner. Pet skill to walk on a leash – the basis of dog etiquette. This is the main indicator of animal rearing. A dog needs a dog to a leash. It is a problem that the dog will make it. Puppy training Schooling for children Adaptation. Before you start […]

Dog Tape

Abroad roulette leads are relatively long time. breeders dog breeders still not reached 10 years ago. The main advantages of the leash roulette. It is a stable relationship between a dog and a dog. 1.5-2 m . The adversaries really admit: – the cable can easily get tangled up – When you walk along a […]

10 Exercises For Dog

Leash for a walk. The theory is not applicable in practice. Why the dog pulls the leash The dog remains unstressed. The leash for various reasons. Is the desire to dominate. The leader of the pack. The spirit of the pet. If your dog should be corrected, it must be corrected. Note! It is not […]

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