How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

How to teach a puppy to a leash How to quickly teach a puppy and a collar People often ask and collar? Do you need a collar? At first glance. Many breeds of dogs are much more convenient to drive on metal chains. It is a chain of petals. There is a possibility that the […]

Features Of The Tape For Dogs

The tape measure consists of a simple spring mechanism. It can be a lot of fun. You can easily call him a dog without discomfort to him. It is not a problem. The dog should be available at any time. How to choose a lead-roulette Roulettes are presented in a wide range. There are also […]

Lead Roulette Dangerous Side Of The Coin

It is a fact that the dog is looking at it. Known even fatal for pets cases. Prostozoo informs you. A cable handle is worn around the spring cable. This dog accessory was invented in Germany, and began to be used in the post-Soviet space about 10 years ago. The handles of roulette roulette are […]

How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

Lead selection. responsible task that faces every dog ​​owner. Today’s dog of ammunition as a leash. How to choose a leash, because it’s your walk with the dog? In addition, there are several dogs, or you need to be a dog. It will be discussed in our publication … Dog parameters required to choose a […]

Is It Cruel

Share: I recently posted a photo on Facebook. On it, my dog ​​Jemik plays on the seashore. And he is on a leash. My student from the courses “train the dogs yourself!” Was surprised: “Sophia, are you walking on a leash? I thought this was a stage for you. " It is a well-mannered dog […]

Chest Leash For Dogs How To Wear

Catherine Shamurin, services handler in St. Petersburg, 7 (921) 3220092 Leads and ringovki. How to dress a dog You’ll have to have a special “show” clothing. These are the leads and collars used in the exhibition, which are different from everyday ones. You can still hear the words “ringovka”, “choke collar”, etc. are unfamiliar. It […]

How To Teach A Dog

People who start a dog for the first time, immediately begin to wonder. Fortunately, this is one of the most simple moments in education. It is a doggie. First of all, you need to choose the right collar. It should be: Comfortable, Soft Sturdy Reliable Do not cause any discomfort, Do not rub the neck. […]

Dog Rests On A Leash

How to teach an adult dog to leash Usually, dogs are trained to a leash from a very early age, from the moment when the puppy begins to go to the toilet outside. Training takes place quickly, as the kids are intelligent and quickly perceive everything new, including the elements of dressage. And what to […]

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