Teaching Puppy To Leash And Collar

For a small puppy, it is light and tight. For starters, puppy’s neck. Put a collar on it. Having been distracted, it will get you In the period of habituation, you can walk in the collar. Do not remove the collar at the first "request" of the puppy, rather distract it with the game. It […]

How To Choose A Tape For The Dog

For the dog? High quality roulettes for dogs – it is very convenient for both the pet and the owner. It is a dream! It remains to be your choice. There is no need for a dog to pull it out. The spring is compressed – the leash is unwound. Press the button. For fixing, […]

How To Wean You Dog

We are trying to understand the reasons for this behavior. It is a fact that it is not a problem to play around with it. It is clear that more than the leash. The dog will disappear by itself. It can be used as a guideline. If you let the dog down, you will take […]

Collar, Leash, Muzzle For Dogs

Collar The cheapest options for leather collars are often made sloppy. Rough, poorly treated edges will be hair on the neck. The same applies to metal heavy collars. A three-ply collar with a durable buckle and a welded ring. It is quite durable and well suited for everyday use. If the leash ring is located […]

How To Choose A Leash For Dogs

It’s not a problem. However, in reality, it’s not possible that you’ve been mistaken with the choice. It is up to the size of the coat, so that the coat can be purchased. You can choose what you want for your pet. So, what is it worth choosing a dog? Lead roulette It can be […]

Husky And Leash

It is not your opinion that you should not be allowed to go. escapes at the slightest opportunity and never return. Of course, it’s not. Regular readers of my blog have been seen through forests, fields, rivers and ravines without any leash. It is not only possible but necessary! Huskies to walk without a leash. […]

How To Wean A Dog

Each dog owner treats his pet differently. Some forgive them He can ask you for a walk. After all, it turns out to be a funk. Is this normal? Many dog ​​breeders (especially inexperienced) are perceived as something mundane and even funny. There is no contact, But there is nothing funny about it. Such behavior […]

Training To A Leash And A Collar

AND I love you, your four-legged baby It’s time to get ready for the first exciting joint walks. P Leash and collar (or harness). The size of the collar for the baby. The size of the collar is chosen in such a way that it can be fastened on the neckline. – you need two […]

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