How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

A month and a half? Are you already walking along the embankment or park? It’s time to accustom him to the leash. But this should not be done. It is true that some experienced breeders are wearing a collar. They tie ribbons on their necks. Thus, the future owners, buying a puppy, no longer have […]

Features Of The Leash Of Dogs

Which leash is better for a dog? It will be comfortable. For example, it is recommended to buy tarp leashes that are lightweight in practice. For large breeds, it will be worth it. Well, how to choose a leash for a puppy? It is a simple idea to keep in touch with you. Recommendations for […]

How To Teach A Dog To Leash

It is a matter of accusation. When to start? As soon as possible. For some days. However, it has been consistently accustomed to it. How to teach a puppy? You can start training from two months. Fixing the collar; The delivery of treats Thus, a positive reaction to the leash will be fixed in the […]

How To Choose A Leash For A Puppy

It will help you to choose the equipment for your pet. Otherwise, you will get an inconvenient or low-quality accessory. Below we consider. Lead length This equipment may be different in length: A short lead length of 1-3 meters. Apply for exhibitions, training puppies or walking. A long lead can be from 3 to 10 […]

Comic Collar And Leash For Your Little Dog

All owners want to be comfortable. In this regard, it is very important, especially for small small dogs. It is not only a discomfort, but it is also a threat to its health. Strong selected And can cause neck damage. Therefore, when choosing a collar and leash, you should follow the recommendations of experts. If […]

How To Wear A Leash On A Dog

"How to wear How to wear a collar Remember the classics? A dog collar is like a briefcase for a man. Well, seriously, the collar didn’t even, perhaps, even when the dog was first domesticated. It is not a must, but for all the city dog. In the collar it is a very specific purpose. […]

How To Teach A Puppy To A Leash

It will help you to keep your dog under control. Time to start training a puppy to a leash. Usually training begins at the age of 2 months. At this age, puppies are not clear, although they are exceptions. It tries to remove it, gnaw it. Others simply begin to nervously jump and frantic. Rules […]

What Is The Dog Guide For?

Dogs for many centuries have been faithful companions of man. They are not only pets, but also have not been reliable advocates and helpers. Dogs are used to help or guard a house. But one of the most responsible dogs is a guide dog. Guide dogs are sighted people. They are faithful and reliable. Most […]

Is Dog Lead Roulette Safe?

Retractable leads-roulettes are used for walking dogs, but they are not leashes in the classic sense. This item is a plastic base, from which the artificial material is pulled out. When running up to the owner. A convenient hand hold and a restrictive length control button. Thanks to the freedom of movement. The accessory does […]

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