How To Teach A Dog

There is a lot of things that you can write about. Trainers hide their secrets. Let’s try to give some tips.Here is a two-month puppy. He is playful, carefree and defenseless. a sort of fool jumper. Listen to its owners. this fold beauty has already crept into their hearts. There is no question of what […]

How To Fix A Leash For Dogs

In this case, it can be seen that this book is a subject. It can be between us and our dogs. “On the other side of the leash,” it says, and becomes comprehensible to it. Like humans, dogs receive information — including sight, hearing, and smell. The dog is perceived to be sensitive to the […]

Dog Leash Roulette

It is a dog in the world. Run away on the road or even run away in an unknown direction. Therefore, it is easy to learn how to dog. Recently, roulette leads have become very popular. In Europe, they have been used for quite a long time, so that in our country they couldn’t reach […]

Leash-Choke Collar

There are collars, harnesses, leashes, tape measures, ringovki, parfosy, stranglehold and semi-surpluses of various materials. The dog must be taken to his pet. The size of the animal is walking, it is influenced by the leash. Dog leash styles There are several styles of dog leashes. The most common standard leashes are fixed lengths. They […]

Team On The Dog

"Near" is at the first lesson. There are several puzzles. Also, you will know all the subtleties of this command. It will take you a trainer. Learning to go "close and not pull" usually takes no more than 1-2 lessons. But there will be 4-5 lessons more. Result: the dog will be perfectly obedient when […]

Dog Leash Roulette

It is comfortable and safe for you. This is where the dog leash comes to the rescue. The advantages of the lead roulette When walking in the forest, you should always be prepared for surprises. I couldn’t run away. In this case, you’ll simply slip out of the hand. It is a design that will […]

Choosing A Leash For Dogs

The daily life of the pet. If you are a dog After all, sometimes it happens on passersby. That is why the pet must walk on a leash. Choosing a dog Leather leash Enough quality leash that is hard to break. Because it is very reliable. The choice of leather leashes is quite wide. You […]

How To Teach A Puppy

A puppy appeared in the house of a joy, vanity, a sea of ​​positive and no worries. It’s time to bring the pet to the people. But this can be done solely on the leash, for the sake of the innocent baby. How do you teach a puppy? Adaptation period In fact, training for ammunition. […]

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