How To Teach A Puppy And A Collar

If you first became a pet, then immediately a large number of questions appeared. And one of them is puppy and a collar and leash. How can you easily master these items? It’s possible that you’ve been able to make it as much as possible. How to teach a puppy to the collar If you […]

Choosing A Leash For Your Pet

Leash – One of the main parts of the dog equipment. You can do it without it today. The choice of this accessory depends on its purpose. Taking care of your pet. What are their varieties. No leash not do The main purpose of the leash is to keep the dog next to him. Walking […]

How To Collect Roulette For Dogs

Roulette petmate K9 control "zero sag" It is always the moment when the car is bent. The molded handle is covered with grip. German spring steel provides a smooth retraction. The leash has a reflective web page. Composition: ABS plastic (case and buttons), thermo-plastic rubber (handle), stainless steel (drive spring), polyamide (inner drum), polyester (leash), […]

Dog Leash

Today, they are on the leash-roulette. It is a lot of advantages. However, even this variant of the dog can not know. What is it? Dog Leash Roulette is a plastic case, equipped with a handle and a latch-lock. Initially, it was a cable to make it easy. The models are equipped with a number […]

How To Wean A Dog To Bite The Leash

It is a fact that a lot of time has been spent on his upbringing. You should also be prepared to damage property, in particular, cracking furniture, other things, including the dog’s own leash. How to deal with it? What do you need to know your pet? Why does a dog nibble on things and […]

The Dog Pulls The Leash

The dog pulls the leash for a walk For a dog, read here. However, it is a little bit pleasant in there. To learn about It is a question of how you want to be… Dog Behavior on a Leash During the walk the dog should go near It should be carried out, it should […]

Roulette Dog Leashes

Dog Leads Dog can know various troubles. You can get lost. Therefore, it is extremely important. Recently, leashes have become especially popular. Roulettes for dogs, which are original and very useful devices. At the moment, this accessory is quite in demand from Russian breeders. How does the leash-roulette It is a unique mechanical device that […]

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