Selection Of Leads And Collars For Dogs

Each of them has special characteristics. Let’s sort the best options for dogs. How to choose all the requirements?


Tape measure

The most frequently used are roulettes. It is a good idea to make a difference. If you need to stop the animal. The roulette is quite long.

Leash selection options:

  1. Pet size. It is important that it is a large pet.
  2. Tape length – the interval is from 3 to 8 meters (there are also more detailed specimens).
  3. Tape type. It is further subdivided into 3 families: cord, tape and cable. The cost ranges from 300 to 1500 rubles on average.
Selection Of Leads And Collars For Dogs

It doesn’t fit very active animals. When using a life for such animals, its service life will be significantly reduced. If your pet is not active, then you need to be a specialist in the trade network.

Scraps and harness

Sparks fit for owners who have several pets. If you teach animals to walk together, then control during the walk will be much easier. This is a simple forked carbine. It is used as a calendar.

The harness, unlike the others, is mounted across the pet’s entire body. Required in the following cases:

  1. Heavily active dog that wants to flee while walking.
  2. A very small pet, for example, chihuahua. Suitable for maximum comfort.

Metal chains

Chains are used infrequently, use them for strong dogs that gnaw through a regular leash. It provides a lot of training for the pet. This is extremely important for urban dwellers. Many appreciate the aesthetic appearance of the chain.

Chain dog looks beautiful

It is not only for the owners, but also for the pets. In the cold season, it is extremely inconvenient to hold on to the chain while walking.

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Nylon and canvas leashes

This view is used by many breeders, due to their data, durability, reliability and affordable price. It is distinguished among others. To gnaw through the material, you need to make great efforts. Great for strong dogs like shepherd dogs or labradors.

When buying, pay attention to the following parameters:

  1. Length It should be comfortable for both the pet and you.
  2. Price range. It is a huge number of Chinese counterparts.
  3. High-quality shutter work.


Choke collar is a tightening loop when pulling or pulling. It is made from metal links, nylon and leather. Used for dog training. It is not used for walking for several reasons:

Selection Of Leads And Collars For Dogs
  1. There is a high risk of losing the leash.
  2. If it catches on a branch.
  3. If the limb becomes entangled in the loop.

An animal is always getting rid of it. Then the pet is no longer responding to it. It is easy to take it off.

Lead selection

There are several selection criteria:

  1. Purpose of choice. For walks, trainings, exhibitions.
  2. Activity of the animal. If your pet is calm, then you can apply any leash. But for active animals, they need to be chosen carefully.
  3. The weight of the animal. This indicator plays a significant role in the selection. It is best to choose a harness.

Collar for dog training.

Normal collar. It is a collar. It should be comfortable, practical, suitable for size, soft, with a plastic or metal clip, such as a belt or latch, and a welded fastening ring. Joints should be well stitched or taped. The collar should not be worn medium (without tightening tight and not dangling around the neck). Do not use chains, narrow and decorative collars. For a good training enough simple collar.

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