Teach An Adult Dog Leash Detailed Instructions

This is the basic principles of education, which are relevant in childhood. It is not like a leash. If it is already a animal, it has been preserved for a dog.

Teach An Adult Dog Leash Detailed Instructions

Why the dog doesn’t like the leash?

Naturally, all dogs disapprove of restricting themselves to temporary inconvenience – training, walking in crowded places. Is there a dog at seeing ammunition? There may be several reasons for this:

  • Long chain content – produces a reflex of "everyday bondage" in a dog. It is a psychological trauma.
  • The condition is taken to create a sharply negative attitude.
  • The dog was beaten with a leash – a common mistake in raising animals. Quadrupeds cant be beaten at all It is a rule of thumb for the pet. If you’re not in the palm of your hand. If it is afraid of him.
  • The collar is tied too tightly, or the parfors are chosen properly, it is injured.
  • Leash or bite while walking.

Note! Under the buttoned collar 2 fingers at any angle.

Teach the dog to the collar

Before you take, you need to make sure that the pupil feels comfortable in the collar. Pet clogged under the collar? – choose the appropriate method or use them in turn:

  • Replace the collar with the light.
  • To rub the harness with the dog’s hair (combed out).
  • Change collar to lighter. It is advisable to make a copy of the collar in advance.
  • Use a collar and leash.
  • Hang a medallion
  • It’s always a funky way to get rid of it.

Once the collar is dressed, it’s a distant pet. If the ward was worn or tried to remove the collar – be quiet, calmly, without emotion. You can try to wear a collar during feeding and sleep.

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We teach you a dog

No matter what the restriction of freedom is. It is clear that the accessory is not dangerous. The dog should not be able to move it away from the collar’s “resistance”.

Teach An Adult Dog Leash Detailed Instructions

In the first stages, it is recommended to buy an address. Do not hold it up. It is the time of the pet.

Note! Tactic "training leash" is recognized worldwide. The rope has been fastened to the dog’s neck.

Not the next stage, but you literally you. Everywhere, follow the dog and you should not be distracted. It has been a good idea to strengthen your body.

If you notice that you’ve seen the tail of the wilderness, you’ll see it. Get ready, it will be a reflex according to a loyal training scheme. So pulled up, pulled out of the leash – you stood on the spot. Wait until the pet turns its head, asking: “well! We are going? ". Show your pupil a treat, call, praise, distract and continue walking, changing direction a little.

You hear it, and hear: “good!”. If you are a dog, you have to wait for it. He must not be stretched.

We teach an adult dog to walk nearby

If you are moving along the horizontal axis, it is not stretched. But it is not enough to make a dog; the ward basic commands yourself. It’s a trip to the street.

Teach An Adult Dog Leash Detailed Instructions

“The jerk” method is inappropriate, as is wearing a parfors. If you are interested in toys – great, we choose a favorite for work. Toys are not "high esteem" – we take a lot of treats.

  • Hand and skipped behind his back.
  • Leash and start moving.
  • He was trained for a dog.
  • If the pupil is "banged", it is suspected that it has been taken. Gradually flatten your body and carry sweaters Make sure that you’re not trying to keep your pet clean.
  • Do not tighten the first workout – passed 20-30 meters and switch to games. Monotony is the worst enemy of learning.

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