Team On The Dog

"Near" is at the first lesson. There are several puzzles. Also, you will know all the subtleties of this command.

It will take you a trainer. Learning to go "close and not pull" usually takes no more than 1-2 lessons. But there will be 4-5 lessons more.

Result: the dog will be perfectly obedient when walking next to the leash. Over time, you can teach to go without a leash.

The team is near the left leg?

So, take a collar and treat, then go to the place of training. You may need a strict collar. You cant cope with it, buy a stork. Parfors training will be 10 times easier. You must be able to read the article. It will be a bit like a chewing gum.

You can practice the team already leaving home. Although it will often be necessary to give commands, stop, etc. It is not particularly pleasant. Therefore, it’s possible to get it on the way. Alternatively, you can go to the next territory.

If you are a dog, it will help you. It is more serious.

  1. Clip your dog near your left foot. For this, the sit command is useful. Wait 7-10 seconds before starting to do anything. The number of commands is not always met.
  2. After a pause, give the command "near" and start moving. Do not rush forward and keep up. It should go to the left. It is not necessary to interfere. If it doesn’t break out, or lags behind, then it doesn’t matter. The main thing is that it is no longer pulls the leash. As you gain experience, you will achieve the perfect execution of the team!
  3. If you’d like to have a dog, you’ll be able to go ahead. After 3 seconds, then immediately praise it: “near, near, well”. Still breaking out in advance? Then do the jerk even stricter. Believe me, it was a weak me. Be strict
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Do not praise violently, "It’s good." Otherwise, you can relax. But follow the praise.

Team On The Dog

Free or falls behind. Turning and changing tempo.

I – before the start of the movement. That is, say "next" and immediately start moving. To stop, say "close, sit," and stop. Watch that the dog sits at the distance.

II – before turning to either side. Do you want to turn right – say "near" and turn. Do you want to turn left – say "near" and then turn. You need to go back – say "next" and make a turn back.

III – before changing the pace of movement. When moving at a normal pace, say “near” and slow down a bit. If you want to speed up – also say “near” and increase the pace of movement.

How to stop the movement?

  1. How to stop while driving? Here you go at the command "next", and the dog near you. After walking 4-5 meters give the command "next, sit." When the animal sits down, it will help. Do not give a jerk. Over time, it can be a standing position.
  2. 4-5 meters. You can stop it after 10-5, or after 20 meters, or after 20 minutes.
  3. Turns in motion. When you know how to stop, it’s time to turn in motion. Just say you’re on the sides. Dog Remember that it’s your turn. A little bit later, it’s on the side, without stopping the movement.
  4. After the turn, go from 3 to 10 more (at your discretion) If there is a need to turn it around right there? Then, you’ll say "next", then turn it in the right direction and stop.
  5. After pausing, as between any team, continue. For the next few minutes, you can move on the "sit" command, It can be only if necessary. It is a very important thing to do.
  6. To rotate 180 degrees (back), before the turn, say "near", turn back. Just go ahead. You can’t go to your movement to “invite” to the movement near the leg.
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If this command is pronounced. For an animal A 180-degree turn will be better mastered. It is difficult for you to perform it.

  • Change the pace of movement. After 2-3 days of training, Foot on the foot, on the foot, on the foot, on the word, say “near” and immediately accelerate Before you slow down and slow down, say "close" and slow down. It is a dog that must walk along the path. Be sure to praise her, when she walks beside her left foot.
  • Down the pace dramatically. For example, you want to move down to the minimum. It can be done sharply. Therefore, you can move 5-6 meters, say “close”, say “close” and “down”.
  • It is not necessary to slow down or add 2-3 minutes. If you’re still animal, you strongly pulled forward – make (without additional commands) Remember this must be achieved.
  • How much time to spend on the team? “Work side by side” at every lesson of self-training. First give her 5-10 minutes to class, and then 10-15, up to 20 maximum. Better while driving, stop and take a shutter speed. In general, interfere with the commands, but follow them correctly.

    When moving the dog down and rooted to the spot? She may have experienced a lot of stress. If she looks like he is “down,” he praises the dog. Encourage more than usual. Your dog is to “slow down” the dog. Give a few other commands, and see how the dog performs them. Then immediately continue the command "next".

    The situation with the "braking" was repeated after a few minutes? Need to look at the situation. For the first time team. This is a training session. No matter what.

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    But the dog can “slow down” at will. She will try to stop you. Therefore, you should be able to act radically.

    For the first time and praise it. The dog "stalled" in a few minutes? Then, moving on and continuing the movement. Did not go? Then make a jerk even stronger! Learn to find out what you need.

    The article came out rather big. You can read more. The article is in the "training" section.

    Team On The Dog

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