The Leash

Today, a dog leash is an essential accessory for any pet. Control each dog It is clear that you can find out what you need to do.

Types of leads

There are a lot of types of leads. Accessories for small species, small breeds, decorative or natural. They can be made of tarpaulin or genuine leather. But it’s the most important thing.

For walking

The Leash

This is a selection of dog breeds made from leather or tarpaulin. In practice, these attributes are very durable and practical. For example, leather accessories are not only durability, but also an interesting appearance. However, it is possible, respectively, that accessory can crack.

As for the canvas options, there are several factors to consider. It doesn’t have to be more serviceable. In practice, they are not allowed to lend themselves. In addition, they are able to withstand maximum loads.

It depends on the thickness of the breed. Do not require care.


The Leash

Ringovka suitable for both large and small breeds. If you are on the show without it. Ringovka allows a pet to become bearing. This species consists of two loops. It is a handful of people who are on their hands.

In addition to the metal ring ring, you can still use it.


The Leash

If the walk is short. In fact, the person is looping. It is the best time for all dogs.


The Leash

When walking, you can use the chain. This option looks more interesting in comparison with leather wiped leashes. But, unlike leather, chains have many drawbacks. For example, the pet’s fur can cling to the links. In addition, if the links are not properly welded, the chain can be easily broken.

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The Leash

Spark will be the best way out. Spark, pack, is designed for walking two dogs. At the same time while walking.

It should be noted that it can be used for short walks or exhibitions. Over time, the movement of pets. And just walking alongside another dog can cause discomfort.

Lead tutorial

Before you go, you need to be a puppy to go. It should not be carried out properly. For example, before you wear your next team. Moreover, it is a team to learn it in several sessions.

Team "near"

You should be able to train Experts recommend the next one.

  1. Starting in the small circle, constantly repeating the word "near". For example, you can walk with a treat in hand.
  2. It is always a treat for the dog.
  3. It is necessary to receive the command "near".
  4. Now the dog can give treats.
  5. So you need to refrain. It is not a question of how to "near", but reflexively.

How to disaccustom?

How to teach a dog? Because of the bad habit is manifested in most puppies. It can be harder than making it. Learns the command “dog” near “faster, then weaning it”.

For this purpose, you will need to choose a deserted wasteland. The direction of your movement. To wean the animal, you need it to three meters to five meters.

It is important that you can wear the following actions:

  1. It should be noted that a person should be calmly pulled out.
  2. Slow down
  3. You need to ensure that it always follows you.

It is unlikely to work out, especially if we are talking about a dog.

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Lead do it yourself

How to make a dog for a dog? In principle, this is not a problem. For large or small breeds can be made independently. You get an accessory that best fits your pet.

Tools and materials

For a start, let’s decide what you need. Consider the accessory 1.8 m long.

  • For hairs of small and medium sized breeds, it can be longer;
  • It should not be seen as the main one;
  • Durable carbine.

Step-by-step instruction

You do need you with thread.

You can complete the sewing machine:

  1. So, using a sewing machine or a sewing machine, you will need to It can be leather, braid or any other durable material. Moreover, it will strengthen the accessory.
  2. When the two elements are stitched, it should not be turned. By the way, the carbine will be put on this loop.
  3. At the next stage, you need to gash the eyelet a few more times. It will also give you strength.
  4. It is a loop, only from the opposite side. You can take it without any problems. In principle, it can be considered complete. You can decorate the accessory to your liking and discretion.

As you understand, there is nothing in this process. Material that will keep your pet. The selection of material should be the owners of large breeds. It can be a bit twitch, especially when it comes to a dog. You can hold even a large sheepdog.

Video "how to make your own hands with your own hands"

You can’t find out how to make it up.

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