The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

What are dog leashes

Anyone who keeps dogs, one way or another, he wants to choose. One of them is a leash for a dog. It is not possible to follow the dog, especially a large one. After all, you can’t grab yourself for a dog It is much easier to control. It prevents you from misunderstandings and conflicts in time.

The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

These products differ in length, design, material from which they are made and intended. They are:

  • Metal, flexible chain, with a carabiner chain;
  • Tapes of different lengths and widths, with a pattern of carabiner, which is held in his hand.

The dog leashes are a tape measure. They also differ in the field of application: they are used for walking, dressing and exhibitions.

Lead roulette

This type of dog accessories. It is not possible, because it is possible to adjust it automatically, rather than adjusting its length manually, which is very inconvenient.

The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

It is not necessary to hold the device, and it will be measured, then it will be measured. Therefore, it is much easier to wind up your dog.

In addition, it is not necessary to clean the wind. .

It leads to the size of your pet. They also differ in length (average 3–8 m) and type of tape. According to this indicator, roulette leads are:

It is not suitable for all dogs. On it, you can calm a calm disposition. For large, active and strong dogs, it’s not a good thing. It is difficult to wean.

Leads for dog training and walking

The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

Leather stripes or leather ribbons or leather stripes from leather stripes. It is a loop for a hand.

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For dogs, for example, shepherd dogs, Saint Bernards and dogs.

The leash for training is over 5 m. It can be used to make it easier to use it. Since it is a dog, it is necessary to take into account the quality of the material, rivets and reliability of the carbine.


This is the shortest possible leash, for example, during transportation or stay in crowded places. The loop is looping through the arm. It makes it possible to keep it. It is not a good idea.

Chain leads

The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

There are no limits on this subject. People who have a habit of chewing on a leash also like to use them. But chains have more disadvantages than advantages:

  • They are strong enough, but heavy;
  • They are difficult to intercept;
  • In cold weather, holding on to them;
  • Hair cannons can get stuck between the links and get messy.

Therefore, shoots and exhibitions.


It is a show of animals in the show ring. Structurally, the ringing may consist of:

  • Strap with two loops at both ends; and adjusted with a clip;
  • Collar-chain and strap, connected together by a small carabiner;
  • An integral leash with a descending loop, which is worn on the dog instead of the collar.

It can be used to make it so beautiful. But they are not suitable for dog training and walking.

Sparky leads

The Right Choice Is All About Dog Leads.

Sparky (also known as swarms) are specifically designed for walking several dogs at once. Or two short straps with 2 or 3 carbines on the end. If you want to keep pets in one place. They are also put on hunting dogs. For dogs and girls, they are constrained.

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What to do with two dogs

What do you want to choose? There is no single answer. You can keep the dogs on. It can be used to keep in one hand.

However, it all depends on the goal of the walk. If you want to make it, it’s better to go. Choose it better in those days when you need to participate in exhibitions.

You can also make it a pet for you. For this you will need:

  • Durable canvas, linen or plastic tape;
  • Metal ring and swivel carbine;
  • Scissors, thread and lighter.

The carabiner needs to be cleaned.

The process of making a homemade lead is as follows:

  1. If it is synthetic.
  2. Make a loop for a handwriter, or a stitch on a typewriter.
  3. The ring is slightly bent, inserted into the semi-ring with a carabiner and also sewn.

That’s it, the leash is ready. It is safe to go on the street.

How to choose an accessory

It will be your choice. If you really need to be able to calculate the desired length. The choice of this accessory should be more carefully. It should be as durable as possible, therefore:

  1. It should not be too thin.
  2. Roulette choose "with a margin," designed for a larger dog, it doesn’t deteriorate when jerking.
  3. The chain checks the carabiner and the chain for the hand, since even a metal can break.

It remains for the intended purpose.

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