Training To A Leash And A Collar

AND I love you, your four-legged baby It’s time to get ready for the first exciting joint walks.

P Leash and collar (or harness). The size of the collar for the baby. The size of the collar is chosen in such a way that it can be fastened on the neckline.

– you need two fingers of your hand;

– The collar should not be removed through the head.

P It can be bent.

AT It depends on the taste of the owner. In this matter, it is necessary. The collar should not rub the puppy’s neck. This is also a basic requirement when choosing a harness, which owners often prefer often.

H It depends on the nature of your pet. It is better for women to get ready for a training session. For more balanced puppies. It is enough to make it a little bit more.

WITH It doesn’t need to be a question. You will have to go on training. It is a lot of As soon as the baby stopped. go to a light cloth collar, loose on the neck. Gradually increase the collar. Having reached a relaxed relationship at home, go for a walk with your puppy. Be sure to get around the neck. It will not be a lot of time for you to be distracted by the collar.

" U An eternal leash should be reduced to two meters long. It is always stretching behind him. The distance between the leash and the sky is a distance.

P First try to move more behind the quadruped. If necessary, change direction, backing with a treat. Lead only slightly poddergivayut karapuz, prompting direction. If you are a man, you must be able to make it out.

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H Never take a puppy for a walk without a leash. This is a guarantee of his safety!

P Do you want to go to the “dog parties”? It is important to get around the world around it. If you’re not happy, you’ll not be willing to go through it. So the baby will quickly remember that "walking" on the street. OK.

E If the puppy persists, it’s not necessary to take care of it. so you tell me the baby. It will coincide with the puppy’s natural mode. Time “toilet” in doggy kids. after sleep, active games, food. Where do you want him from the "important things"? You can play with your favorite owner, and wander around, and exploring new places.

Training To A Leash And A Collar

D Baby wants to go. It should not be a problem, it should not be a tire, it should not be a tire, it should be emotionally. Your goal now. he sees it, he sees it, he sees it, he pulls it up.

AND It is a great deal of effort to jump in mind. Of course, a couple of steps from the elevator can be overcome slowly, restraining the puppy with a short leash. If you have to go down.

U Adute your four-legged baby and intelligently dose your physical and emotional stress. It makes sure that it makes it easier to enjoy your hair.

Popova Alena, C_№9-2011, education

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