What Are Dog Leashes And What To Choose

Owners of dogs, especially beginners, often amusements,

To begin with, let’s see what they are for, after all, and what they are for.

Convenient when walking in urban environments. Allows the situation – the dog can be released away. A car appeared, a mom with a stroller, another dog closer to you. You will never have to be dragged over your skin.

However, roulette is not suitable for all dogs. The cable version is for the small breeds of the lead. But it’s not a bad mechanism for keeping strong, active and impulsive animals. At the most crucial moment, it’s possible to break. It is not recommended that you grab your hands. It becomes unusable. However, it is often twisted, aligning it. Plus, it is a dog, it is not necessary to get rid of.

Fitscalm dogs.

Does not fit: for training, behavior correction, for large and active dogs.

Tip: when buying, take a roulette "with a margin." If your dog weights, for example, 20kg

What Are Dog Leashes And What To Choose

Very short leash for a dog on it. It should be noted that when a dog needs to be kept under transport control or under certain circumstances.

In fact, it is not even a leash, but it is an elongated loop.

It doesn’t really take it a lot.

FitsThe height of the leash.

What Are Dog Leashes And What To Choose

Does not fit: for small dogs, for full-fledged walking.

It is popular with dog breeders because of the beauty and elegance. It’s really an effective chain. The chain of dogs can not be intercepted. For exhibitions or photo shoots.

Fits: for short walks, use when photographing a dog.

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Does not fit: for full-fledged walking.

BoardIf you are buying a car, you will carefully learn how to use it. Cases where the chain breaks apart, it’s not so rare.

This is a leash of hair. Ringovki come in several modifications.

It can be separated from a collar (often chains) and a separate leash, connected by a barely noticeable carbine. There may also be a one-piece piece with a sliding loop (collar) at the end. Most often, ring necklace is a leather skinny leather loop or metal crocodile.

Ringing dog ringing ring.

If you are a dog, it is worth it.

Fits: for exhibitions only.

Does not fit: for walking, training.

Board: Buy, buy, consult with a handler, breeder or other people who have experience in participating in exhibitions.

This is a leash of two dogs at the same time. Usually used at exhibitions or short walks. For full-fledged walking is not suitable; dogs are shackled in their movements.

Fits: for exhibitions and walks over short distances.

Does not fit: for walking and training.

The dog of each dog owner. Walking leashes are usually made from tarpaulin, nylon or leather, have a length of 1 m to 3 m. It is not preferable to buy it. It is a leash of 5 meters or more. It can be attached to the main walker.

Tarp or leather? We recommend tarpaulin.

It is not so good. With constant wetting, the skin is deformed, "dubeet", becomes less elastic, can crack. The most durable leather leashes – woven from bands – heavy and bulky.

Tarpaulin or synthetic tape less demanding and more durable. They can be washed, they are light, compactly folded.

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The quality of fittings and fixing reliability are very important. Pay attention to the carbine. It should not be undone at the slightest impact on him.

Fits: for walking, walking, training.

Does not fit: it can be kept near him.

BoardIf you are not a lazy, do not be lazy, do not be lazy Between the two layers of tarpaulin at the junction.

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