Winking With A Dog

Antoine Najaryan, a canine, a zoopsychologist, a specialist in the correction of dog behavior, developed a model of the original leash. It is a combined and strict collar. Thanks to his invention, many aggressive animals.

Advantages and disadvantages

3 meter long nylon cord. Both ends of the ring are soldered. The wrist band is worn. Najaryan’s collar is able to withstand a load in excess of 400 kg. Therefore, the animals of

Winking With A Dog
  • Ease, mobility of a product;
  • Fixation in the area sensitive to friction;
  • No sharp parts;
  • Cycling with a pet.

Terms of use

Controller collar is often bought for large breed dogs. These animals are harder to control. The dog is a person who wants to move. With proper operation, the pet requires real. And tasty encouragement

Wear a collar just before walking. In this case, the dog will be aware of the imminent exit to the street. The donning algorithm is simple:

  1. Looped on the left side.
  2. The neck is under the ears of the neck.
  3. Make sure there is some free space between the body and the body.

During the walk, the dog should go near the owner. It is up to you to move it up sharply. At this time, the dog feels the painful squeezing, which lasts no more than a second. Master the command "next!".

It is necessary to say what you need to do. Dog instantly feel your team and execute it. This effect is due to the effects of the animal. It is much more effective than multiple verbal explanations.

Winking With A Dog

Independent production of a collar

The collar controller can be made at home. To do this, buy a length of 3 meters and a diameter of 8 mm. It will not be spread.

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One end of the rope should be in the form of a loop. It will help you in this metal ring. To fix it, use strong kapron threads. The wind of the knot. Next, coat the bonding area with glue.

Coarse thick skin. Join it with threads and join it with threads, a stapler or other clips. Make sure you can’t make up for the cord.

The looped pattern. Connections should also be firmly fixed with a thread, fluff glue. Next, leave the ring.

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